Spread the good....chickenpox!?

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  • Ingenuous

    Is it sanctimoniousness or thoughtless self-absorption???? Even when I was in, my parents would never have done something like that.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I think that was absolutely thoughtless of your relative.

    My son was vaccinated against chicken pox and he still got chicken pox! Our youngest was vacinated as soon as his brother came down with chicken pox and didn't get it.....perhaps he will someday too.

    I would be pissed if someone brought their sick kid around my healthy family purposely. What a jerk!


  • restrangled

    My mom was from the old school. My brothers and myself were never inoculated against polio or small pox. Her mom was originally a 7th day adventist who are also adverse to shots. After becoming a JW, her mother's beliefs were underscored 10 fold.

    On the other hand, my son after his first DTP shot went into shock. So he has had only one (p) shot, Pertussis, ie whooping cough. He almost died. My other son also has no whooping cough vaccinations. This was all backed up by the pediatrician. I had whooping cough when I was 2 years old. Both of my boys were nursed for over a year so hopefully they received enough protection from me.


  • Gill

    'Holier than thou', springs to mind.

    I hadn't realised that there were so many risks to pregnant women in contact with a child with chickenpox.

    But of course, the Great God Jehovah will protect them.....not!

    Health Warning - Being a JW can seriously damage your common sense!!

    It just annoys me that my mother judges me against such a stupid measuring rod. How stupid and how many risks can you take to prove you're a loyal, devout dub worthy of eternal life?!!

    Reminds me when she told me over winter about the 'lovely newly baptised family' who brought their little girls to the meeting in summer dresses. No coats. No jumpers. No cardigans. NOthing but summer dresses. My mum asked then 'aren't the girls cold?' and they replied that at 4 and 6 the girls should have enough common sense to put on a jumper and coat. I said to my mother, 'isn't that why they're the parents, because they are the ones who are in charge and make those decisions and so are responsible'.

    'Well at least they brought them to the meeting!' Was my mother's reply. Meaning, in her language 'At least they're not allowing their children to die SOON at Armageddon, because they're saving them bringing them to meetings!

    Ah! The craziness!!

  • Gill

    How JWs like their health 'risky'!

    My above mentioned cousin was at risk of severe haemorraging when having her last child. She decided, with her doctor, to try the recommended WTBTS treatment of EPO. One of the risks of EPO is blood clots. Anyway...she had NO haemorrage but she did get a blood clot, on her lung!

    The Insanity of it all!!

  • sass_my_frass

    ......nnnnnnnnno, a person with chicken pox is infectious until the last few are healing. And if anybody in that assembly hall didn't have chicken pox when they were a kid, and now have, let's say shingles, that mum should have her ass sued.

  • Scully

    Chickenpox, like other childhood illnesses, can be very painful if you get it as an adult. It's also risky for infants who have not yet received the vaccine.

    If we have a patient with chickenpox, we quarantine them and put them on isolation precautions. They cannot come in contact with any newborns (other than their own) and staff who have never had chicken pox are exempted from having to work with infectious patients.

    Those parents were being reckless with other peoples' health, not to mention putting their already sick kid at risk for getting other infections via the open chicken pox vesicles.

  • greendawn

    No doubt chickenbox is dangerous for women that are pregnant and never had the disease (though usually only a small percentage) and in a big crowd there could be some. After contact with infected person taking VZIG can help eliminate any bad outcome for the fetus.

  • Jim_TX

    While I think that this mom who took her kiddo (who still may have been contagious - or the other siblings who were exposed, who may have been carriers) to a public place filled with others - who might get the illness - is an idiot... I find this comment made by LDH somewhat scary...

    "On this I disagree. Children who are not vaccinated pose a risk to the rest of the world, specifically with crippling diseases like Polio. They put MY children at risk. I can not think of one thing my child got vaccinated against that I would accept that the 'illness' was better than the vaccine."

    My daughter (bless her heart), did not have her 'shots' when she was an infant - like most other kiddos. When she went to start school at the age of 5 or 6, they insisted that she get her shots. My wife (now 'ex'), took her to some doctor who injected her little body with all those 'vaccines' - that were required. Now... I don't know if it was done over a period of time, or all at one time.

    My daughter seemed to be fine... until... as she grew older... her hands... or specifically - her fingers - tended to deform... the knuckles growing backwards... kinda difficult to describe. It was very painful for her - but being the little 'trooper' that she was, she didn't complain too much.

    I had the wifey take her to doctors to try to figure out what was causing the fingers to do what they were doing. More than one doctor, too. None could figure out what was causing it. They ran all sorts of tests, too.

    One doctor gave her splints to try to 'force' her fingers to grow straight. (Stupid doctor) My daughter even tolerated the pain it caused her for a while.

    Know what? To this day, I feel that those 'vaccines' that you so proudly proclaim as preventing 'polio' actually gave my daughter a case of polio. I feel that doctors today, don't even KNOW how to detect polio - much less treat it.

    And all because of those precious 'vaccines' that you are so willing to inject into your children. I think that if your kids had come down with the diseases that their bodies were injected with... you might not have such a high and mighty attitude.

    To this day... my daughter (who is in her mid-20's), has mis-formed hands. It all started AFTER she got those 'vaccines'... so I feel they are the cause.


    Jim TX

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    It all started AFTER she got those 'vaccines'... so I feel they are the cause.

    Post hoc.

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