Did I miss something? Is this the new resolution at the D.Convention?

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  • damselfly

    Seriously? No entertainment? Did they elaborate on that specifically? Because that could mean no tv, computers, books, newpapers, children's games etc.
    And of course anything that might remotely bring you bring you pleasure. Way to suck the joy out of living.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Bl Swan: I did get the resolution from the thread you sent me to, and he got it from another source and wasn't sure if it was true.

    vm44: Yes, we are treated exactly like children

    Gill and damselfly: Entertainment, HUH??? priceless comment

    We are determined:

    8) To continue kissing the old wrinkly asses of the GB no matter how much BS pours out of them!!

    itsallgood: Yes, they are REALLY playing big brother to the hilt

    Elsewhere: Ha! They can only go interfaith when trying to convert...phonies.

    Still I wish truthseeker or someone who went the D>C. could confirm this... or maybe Drew Sagan??

  • serotonin_wraith

    Would anyone actually be surprised if it did turn out to be true?

    I wouldn't.

  • matey

    one of my really close friends just went last weekend. She goes to make her family happy so she can live in her house, but i wish she would draw the line and get out of there, she totally doubts all of it, but shes REALLY scared of the DF'ing and the downside of leaving. that makes me angry.. anyhow, i'll ask her what was up with the convention, though i doubt she payed attention(a.k.a. hung out at dunkin donuts haha), or tried to remember any of it..

  • ThomasCovenant


    I remember the last but one District Assembly that I attended at the Millenium Stadium Cardiff there was a ten point resolution made.

    Each point was long. After point 3 or 4 you could tell people were having difficulty keeping up.

    By point 6 and 7 nobody was really taking any more notice.

    By point 10 nobody surely could remember what the previous 9 points were. It was obvious it had been stretched beyond any reasonable chance of people actually agreeing with the resolution.

    After the resounding "Aye!" and the concluding song and of course the "thisweaskinjesusnameamen" I hurried to the loo.

    Whilst stood at the urinal I was so tempted to say to the other brothers also there

    "Well, I fully agreed with points 3, 9 and 2 but I'm not so sure about points 4,1 and 8. How about you brother?"

    I wish I had now.

    Maybe if I go this year with my still attending wife I may pluck up the courage.


    Thomas Covenant

  • Stealth453

    7. Be determined to resist spirit of the world; not getting involved in chat rooms, Materialism, Entertainment, Drunkenness, Pornography."


    Entertainment? Who writes this stuff. It's great.

    The only thing funnier, are the mindless drones that say "aye" to it.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan
    1. We are determined to intensify our preaching activity.

    2. To live up to our dedication to Jehovah and give him exclusive devotion.

    3. To follow Jesus' example closely and be no part of the world.

    4. To manifest our loyalty to Jehovah and Jesus and not compromise Bible principles.

    5. Not get involved in interfaith movements.

    6. Remain subject to superior authorities but NOT get involved in political issues.

    7. Be determined to resist spirit of the world; not getting involved in chat rooms, Materialism, Entertainment, Drunkenness, Pornography."

    I really am angry about half of these....

    There's nothing new in that - obey only us, do the work we set you, don't associate with anyone else, or read anything else, or talk to anyone else - now go home and only think about what we told you to think, no thinking for yourself now, and don't forget the authorities' road rules. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • sass_my_frass

    I remember this at a convention fifteen or so years ago, they spun it really well, and everybody stood while they were read out and all said 'I' like a pledge of allegiance (which is even funnier in Australia). People actually thought that they were in a place where they could choose whether or not to agree with these resolutions, and of course they would, what else were they doing that afternoon? Excellent control tactic.

  • AlmostAtheist

    Apostate Resolution

    We are determined:

    1. To never drop by, univited, sharing our opinions with our neighbors.

    2. To fail to live up to our dedication to the Watchtower and give it our whole-souled opposition.

    3. To follow Jesus' example closely by calling out self-righteous Pharisees.

    4. To manifest our loyalty to ourselves and not compromise human principles of decency.

    5. Not get involved in cult movements.

    6. Remain more-or-less subject to superior authorities and perhaps get involved in political issues.

    7. Be determined to embrace the spirit of the world; getting involved in chat rooms, Materialism, Entertainment, Drunkenness, Pornography. (Not necessarily in that order)

    All in favor of adopting this resolution? (Which, by the way, was foretold in Revelation 17:6)


  • jstalin

    Summary of district convention resolution:

    1. Resistance is futile. Life is irrelevant. Death is irrelevant. Freedom is irrelevant. Our culture will adapt to service the Governing Body. We will be assimilated.

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