Botox at 25 years old????

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  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    I am 31 going on 32 this fall, I have a few lines round my eyes, laugh lines. I can't imagine why you are so worried at 25/26 about getting wrinkly.

    Probably the best thing you can do as FE pointed out, drink lots of water, eat right, get rest (though I know things are rough and it can be tough to do) and enjoy life.

    The one thing I notice about you Brooke, is that regardless of the bs in your life, you seem to always keep smiling and keep happy. That will be the biggest reason of all why you stay youthful.

    Just an opinion.


  • serendipity

    Hi brooke,

    What's the name of the product you're using?

    I agree with the earlier comments about staying well hydrated and using sunscreen. That will help a great deal. Some other age accelerators are smoking, excess alcohol, sugar and excess caffeine. The more of that you avoid, the better. Stress also ages you. If you can control stress, you can control the effects. Also exercise helps to keep the blood moving.

  • LittleToe

    So what happens when you overuse it, when there are no more dead skin cells to remove?

  • Scully

    So what happens when you overuse it, when there are no more dead skin cells to remove?

    Usually the products have cautionary warnings on the label to avoid using the product more than once a week, for example. I wouldn't know about overusing the product, but I imagine it wouldn't be much different from a sunburn... and after a while (and repeated abuse) you could probably get the same results as if you were perpetually sunburned.

  • Mary
    I am thinking about getting Botox. I have been using anti-wrinkle lotions since I was 16. I take care of my skin daily, kind of a freak when it comes to my skin. Anyway, I have found my answer. I got this new product which has some acid in it, washing away the age process. Does anyone else use certain products that they swear by? Better yet...Am I nuts?

    No you're not're smart to take care of your skin while you're young. I've been looking after my skin since I was 18 and it's paid off big time.

    I'd be very leary of using Botox at any age.....while it's touted as "safe", some people have had some very bad reactions to it. You know what's really good for your skin,are the home microdermabrasion kits. I got the one by Neostrata and after the first treatment, my skin was extremely soft. I've also used Avons Glycolic Acid peel (do not use this in conjunction with the microdermabrasion, or it could seriously damage your skin).

    Another excellent product line is Cellex C. I love their products, but they're very expensive. Even on eBay.

  • whyamihere


    I was thinking of using Botox. However at my age wouldn't make much of a difference in my appearance. I have been taking care of my skin since 16. I drink water, use sun block etc etc...Like everyone was saying to do.

    I do what I can to make sure I look younger than I am as I age.


  • ColdRedRain

    Brooke, 300 dollar botox sounds as though it's unsafe. Botox should cost around 500 minimum, and that's if you're getting a deal of a lifetime. Don't do it.

    -Lee :)

  • whyamihere
    Brooke, 300 dollar botox sounds as though it's unsafe. Botox should cost around 500 minimum, and that's if you're getting a deal of a lifetime. Don't do it.

    I know how much Botox costs. I said I was thinking of doing it. However, I found a kit(creams and gels) that costs only 300 and works much better. I have thought about doing botox maybe when I am 50. My thought process could be based on how I was raised, with my vain family in all.


  • Snoozy

    My daughter who is in her late 40's has had Botox..she hasn't paid that much when she goes. She is on the thin side so her wrinkles show up easier. I tell her if she would add a few pounds she wouldn't have ANY wrinkles...

    I have two daughters that are 15 months apart. The oldest is the thin one. She is always worring about something and stresses out a lot. She gets the wrinkles.

    The other one is carefree and hardly ever lets anything bother her..(Including serious operations) and she looks at least 10 years younger than her sister. Course she has a little more fat on her face...but she is a beautiful blonde. (They both are). They are so concerned with their apperance..I on the other hand don't care how many wrinkles I get..or grey hair..I may have a few but they are hiding where I can't see them....that's why our eyes get weaker as we get older...If I leave the glasses off I look great!at least to me..

    Snoozy..who would get the works if she could afford it.

  • 144001

    Those who gamble with their health solely for cosmetic purposes (e.g., plastic surgery, Botox, etc.) should not complain when the side effects and other complications of medical treatments show up.

    The "fountain of youth" is accessible to most everyone; it consists of proper nutrition and regular exercise. Pills, cremes, and drugs can never duplicate or even come close to the effects that following that simple formula will have.

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