Pictures...Of Our New Home

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  • luna2

    Beautiful, Legolas! Love the picture of your doggy too...what a sweetheart!

  • Legolas

    Thanks guys!

    Console TV..LMAO...Hubbie has been trying to get me to agree to a new TV for about 10 years now. That one is 20 years old and has a better picture on it then big screen TV's that I have seen for $7000.00. I will not get a new one till that one fails!

    And we don't get/have hay We are surrounded by rolling hills and horses..I will post more pics of the area when I go to the office.

    We are not in New Zealand, that is just where I want to live...We are in P.E.I (Prince Edward Island, Canada)

    LMAO...That is not porn on the TV...I took the pics last Saturday afternoon (I forget what was on, I was too busy putting things away, we moved in last Friday)

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I would kill for a kitchen like that!!!!!!!!!

    I live in an old house, and even though we've redone the kitchen it still is tight for counter and cupboard space! Love the view! Thanks for sharing the pics!


  • greendawn

    Nice house and location in the countryside, there must be plenty of fresh air and tranquility around, I like your kitchen units.

  • Quandry

    Thank you for sending pictures-wonderful house. Never been to Canada. Beautiful in pictures.

  • codeblue

    Great house!!! Awesome dog!!! Thanks for sharing the pics....

    We are in the process of moving's a lot of work.

  • acsot

    Great place, Legolas! I love P.E.I.; friendly people, gorgeous scenery - it's like stepping into a postcard!

  • HadEnuf

    Where's my room? (Jealousy alert, Jealousy alert)!

    cathy l.

    P.S. I think I might actually COOK if I had that kitchen!!!!!!!!!

  • Brigid

    Mazel Tov! Love that kitchen!!! I'm jealous!


  • Balsam

    I remember when we moved into our home 3 years ago from an apartment, it felt so good. Enjoy your beautiful new home and that terrific view.


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