Pictures...Of Our New Home

by Legolas 43 Replies latest jw friends

  • LovesDubs

    Really really exciting! Might as well dye the dog and get it over with LOL! We are supposed to be putting a second story on our Wilma hurricane ravaged house...and its taking so long to get it done. Im so jealous! Enjoy!


  • ButtLight

    wow, what a nice place. Im SOOOOO jealous!

  • kid-A

    Congrats Legolas, looks awesome!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    That's lovely Legolas, and what a beautiful location.

  • Finally-Free

    Dammit, I would kill for that kind of counter space!!! Love the kitchen!


  • juni

    Congratulations Legolas!!

    Looks real nice. Like the cherry cabinets w/the black appliances. My kitchen is a 1940's original!! Beautiful views. You mentioned the red clay. Are you in N. Zealand? PM me please.

    Take good care of Comet. They love their balls don't they??

    Best to you and your family,


  • Mary

    Wow! Your place is beautiful!! Didn't the film Lord of the Rings in New Zealand? The scenery was absolutely breathtaking......

  • sammielee24

    Nice property and the dog ain't so bad either whatever you do though, don't

    dye the dog and get it over with LOL!

    ..a few years back I had a fit of creativity and decided to re-do my bedroom in black. I painted the walls black and put gold dust on the ceilings for the stars..put down black tile..the whole works. It looked amazing - given the way it looked before but the colour problem became a real issue when I got out of bed in the morning and stepped on the dog. She was black so when she would lie on the floor you couldn't see her...don't know how many times that little thing yelped! Bad move on my part...repainted the whole thing white a year later....and had to work around my white

  • rassillon

    Nice!!!! is that porn on your tv?

  • Mary

    Don't worry, if it is, it'll be deleted.

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