Kingdom Hall Blaze Set by Arsonists

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  • Scully
    Arson damages Jehovah’s Witnesses building Blaze set in basement of worship hall By Theodore Decker The Columbus Dispatch Monday, June 26, 2006

    The fire that damaged a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses building in Clinton Township early yesterday was deliberately set, investigators say.

    Federal and local authorities are now searching for the arsonist or arsonists who broke into the hall at 4151 N. Hickman Rd., about a half-mile south of Morse Road.

    Firefighters were summoned to the hall at 1:36 a.m. by an automatic fire alarm, said Lt. Doug Brown of the Clinton Township Fire Department.

    The fire, in the basement, was extinguished within 30 minutes.

    None of the roughly 100 firefighters to respond was injured. Tom Wiley, a presiding overseer at the hall, estimated the damage to be at least $30,000.

    A motive was unclear. No arrests were made yesterday, and the fire is under investigation by township authorities and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which typically helps investigate fires at places of worship.

    Wiley said three congregations totaling about 350 people regularly worship at the hall. The building houses the main meeting hall and other rooms, including two libraries.

    Though the brick building appears intact from the outside, Wiley said the basement sustained heavy fire, smoke and water damage. Religious literature and computer equipment were lost to the flames, he said.

    "Most of the upstairs wasn't damaged, except for maybe the smell of smoke," he said.

    He said it appeared those responsible rifled through cabinets as though looking for money or valuables. Nothing appeared to have been taken.

    The Jehovah's Witnesses began building the hall in 1958 and finished two years later. They have had few problems with crime since then, with a break-in to a tool shed on the property about the worst incident that Wiley could recall.

    "It's a sign of the times," he said. Witnesses are taught not to be vindictive and to place trust in Jehovah, he said.

    "He'll take care of it," Wiley said. "If he sees fit to take action, he will."

    I wonder if someone was surfing on Apostate™ websites using that computer? I wonder if all the Literature™ that was destroyed contained valuable Old Light™. I wonder if someone was looking for their judicial committee files or publisher cards. I wonder if the congregation has been thinking about rebuilding a new KH (if it was originally built in 1958, it's likely paid for in full long ago and the WTS wouldn't have control over the title) and couldn't come up with the money to purchase land so that the WTS could approve a loan for the building.

    I hope this gets investigated up the yin yang.

  • Jourles

    Hijack warning -- I just noticed this other link at the bottom of the page. It seems a would-be carjacker couldn't hold his gun tight enough and got himself killed. Serves these idiots right for playing with guns in cars.

    I guess ol' Jehover was looking out for a motorist while some arsonists were setting His kh on fire instead. It seems jah knows all things afterall. He knew the WTS had an insurance policy in effect.

  • JH

    Maybe there was too much holy spirit in the basement.

    In one of the books I studied with the Witnesses years ago, there was a picture of brothers with a flame on their head, representing the holy spirit.

    This time, they flame was below their butts.

  • blondie

    More likely some bored, young boys with nothing else to do, and no imagination.

    I'm not in favor of arson in any case.


  • carla

    The fire dept was summoned? via automatic fire alarm? I'm shocked! You mean they don't just wait upon jah to put a fire out?

  • greendawn

    The cult has billions of dollars worth of property and this is to them a drop in the ocean. Those are places where people get fed with rock bottom quality spiritual food, really tasteless and boring, and often poisonous.

  • HadEnuf

    I hope we all have good alibi's

  • Jourles
    I hope we all have good alibi's

    LOL! probably true! hahahahaha

  • Kenneson

    The article stated that there were two libraries in the Kingdom Hall. Wonder if Russell and Rutherford's works were within? Does anyone know if a computer would more likely be in a library than a literature room? It says that religious literature went up in smoke but it doesn't say a library was destroyed.

  • blondie
    The article stated that there were two libraries in the Kingdom Hall. Wonder if Russell and Rutherford's works were within? Does anyone know if a computer would more likely be in a library than a literature room?

    If there were 2 congregations, there might have been 2 libraries. The WTS has advised that there only be one library, but many congregations get territorial about their books...if there was room they might have maintained 2 libraries. I have seen a computer set up in the library and some times in a spare room that used to be for the 3rd school if there was no room in the library (who has 3 schools any more?).


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