Kingdom Hall Blaze Set by Arsonists

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  • Kenneson

    In Clinton Township, Ohio someone set blaze to the basement of the Kingdom Hall causing $30,000 dollars worth of damage. Destroyed were religious literature and computer equipment. The upper floor was not damaged, but the smell of smoke might linger. See story "Arson damages Jehovah's Witnesses building. Blaze set in basement of worship hall."

  • minimus

    Those goddamned apostates.

  • lost_light06

    What horrible PERSECUTION. We really are in THE TIME OF THE END. Satan is doing all he can TO STOP JEHOVAHS FAITHFULL WITNESSES. Now I truly know that THIS IS THE TRUTH.

    In all honesty arsony in any way is horrible and I would not wish this on anyone or any group. But you know the above is what is being said now by all the JW's in that area.

  • lonelysheep

    I agree with you, Lostlight.

  • Genesis

    Crap, the persecution syndrom switch will be triggered...

  • lilybird

    So true lost light.. Dubs will twist and turn events like this to prove they are Jehovah's only true chosen people.And the PO used that same expression "sign of the times" that they have been using since I attended in the 1970's and early 80's..Really how does a fire in the KH prove anything about a sign or the times we live in???

  • QueenBee

    It must have been a blazer---100+ firefighters? Dude.

  • Dismembered



  • Jourles

    Sounds like someone possibly wanted their publisher cards destroyed?? Or a disgruntled jw wanted the envelope which contained the "goods" on their jc meeting and the elders wouldn't give it up.

    As long as no one was injured in the fire, I couldn't care less about the damage. A little fire here, a little fire there. It's all good in the long run. Maybe it will make some of the pubs feel "unsafe" as far as going to the meetings at the hall...

  • mavie

    "It's a sign of the times," he said. Witnesses are taught not to be vindictive and to place trust in Jehovah, he said.

    "He'll take care of it," Wiley said. "If he sees fit to take action, he will."

    I wonder if he realizes how this quote will make others in the community view JW's.

    Arson is wrong, don't do it kiddies.

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