convention witnessing-special 'Gas cap' campaign

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  • blindersoff

    This was great fun. Someone here suggested it, so I did it.

    I printed up Auld Soul's easy to follow instructions to the UN website and a website address for 'The Guardian' article and put it in gas cap doors. There are many that can be opened from the outside of the car. My territory was a parking garage during the sessions.

    SIDE 1

    This is not a ‘lie or half truth’. In case you want to find out for youself about the association of Jehovah’s Witnesses with the United Nations in the 1990’s.

    Go to (the UN Web site)

    Click "Welcome" Click "About the United Nations"

    In the left column (about halfway down), click "NGO Section" (NGO means "non-governmental organization," which is true of any organization that is not a Government)

    In the left column, click "NGO Relevant Documents and Events"

    In the center, click "Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York"

    Also see :,,574175,00.html (a journal often quoted by AWAKE)

    SIDE 2


    w99 5/1 p. 15 "Let the Reader Use Discernment" ***

    The Watchtower……, in its December 15, 1929, issue, on page 374, The Watchtower definitively said: "The whole tendency of the League of Nations is to turn the people away from God and from Christ, and it is therefore a desolating thing, the product of Satan, and an abomination in the sight of God." ….In time, the League gave way to the United Nations. Jehovah’s Witnesses have long exposed these human peace organizations as disgusting in God’s sight.


    1/1 pp. 30-31 Questions from Readers ***

    Is it true that for religious reasons Jehovah’s Witnesses may not become members of the YMCA ?

    Yes, that is so. Jehovah’s Witnesses may not become members of that organization.

    Many persons think of the "Y" simply as a social organization that offers various services, such as a swimming pool, facilities for athletic training and a place for clubs to meet.

    In joining the YMCA as a member a person accepts or endorses the general objectives and principles of the organization. He is not simply paying for something he receives, such as when buying things being sold to the public at a store.

  • sf

    And not one car alarm went off?? Fascinating.

    Good job.


  • QueenBee

    This is sort of off topic, but "campaign" related. I got a flyer on my door Thursday inviting me to the upcoming DC. When did they start doing that? This is the second encounter with JW's in a week. I am starting to become paranoid. Have they found me? B

  • blindersoff
    And not one car alarm went off??

    Not one.

  • Mysterious

    Well done very nice! I used to write the freeminds url on the magazines they left at the public library but ya got me beat.

  • Pubsinger

    I go un-witnessing.

    When I'm in the hospital I go round all the magazine tables and remove all the WTs and AWs. When I've got a big bundle I take them to the car and put them in my re-cycling pile.

    Ditto dentist and doctors surgery.

    Not turned in a report yet

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Well done blindersoff, good work.

    I work at a hospital, and I make sure there are no jw mags lying around the waiting rooms. That's about the extent of my un - witnessing.

  • Pubsinger

    Does it leave you with a nice warm feeling inside Fullof Doubtnow!?

    It really makes me laugh when I think of someone putting 50 mags on their report and telling the cong what a great work they're doing!

  • fullofdoubtnow
    Does it leave you with a nice warm feeling inside Fullof Doubtnow!?

    Yeah Pubsinger, I do find it amusing, because I know the jw at work who leaves the mags puts the "placements" on her service report. She told me that when I was still a jw myself. She "places" at least 20 mags a month in the waiting rooms, then I follow her round and place them all in the trash.

  • Pubsinger


    I'd just said to Sad Emo here at work that if I worked in the hospital I'd be following the JW, one reception area behind, removing them and struggling to contain my laughter!

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