Update:I'm back with my wife

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  • IronClaw

    Hello everyone,

    These past few months have really been a roller coaster ride to say the least. I know I haven't been posting much for the past few months, as I was really in a deep depression. At the end of last month I moved back in with my wife and children. I am so happy to be reunited with them. Words cannot tell you how much you miss them until you are gone. My wife and I have a understanding, we wont talk religion. I will respect her view of the WTS, and she will understand mine. As far as the relationship with her goes, all I can say is that its like dating her all over again. I can't believe how well things are going this time around. I'm more happy now that I am Disassociated ( I thought I was Disfellowshipped but told by an elder recently that since I told 2 of the elders off at the gas station and told them I no longer wanted to have anything to do with the WTS that I disassociated myself). Oh well same difference. Anyway, since I no longer have any strings to hold me back in whatever I decide to pursue in life, I'm seriously thinking of going to a community college here in town and finally getting a degree in communications as I have always wanted. It feels so good to be FREE.

    Thanks to all of you who over the past few months who have asked about me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    The Claw.

  • carla

    Glad things are going well for you, hope they continue. carla

  • bikerchic

    Very good news IronClaw! I'm happy for the good outcome!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    wow It is so great when people share their good news


    as for college -

    Go Get 'em

  • luna2

    Good to hear from you IC! Very cool that you and your wife are working things out too. Its great that you are making plans to go back to school. That's very exciting.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Cheers to that Ironclaw! I'm happy to hear you are reunited with your wife, and I did notice your absence. Hoping that things stay going well!


  • AudeSapere

    I glad things are looking up for you.

    Congrats on getting your life back on the track that you want.


  • Gregor

    Gee, your letter made me feel good and I don't even know you! LOL Very happy for you.

  • juni

    Good evening Claw.

    Happy to hear that you are doing better. Missed a lot of your posts. I think that you're very wise in getting the degree and doing something that you enjoy. Best to you and your family.


  • serendipity

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