How Many More Ways Can The Society Shoot Itself In The Foot???

by minimus 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    What kind of religion forces its elders to ask every imaginable question regarding sex to its congregants? The elders are told by "Mother" that they MUST ask specific sexual questions and decipher whether a person should be classified as meriting a judicial committee or "just" counsel from a couple of men. WHO THE HELL DO THESE MEN THINK THEY ARE??? I strongly believe that most Witnesses will simply ignore this direction. Everytime the Society tells the rank and file of a new rule and its enforcement, it is bound to start pissing off the faithful.....How long can they just get away with this??

  • lawrence

    With their threats of a War God who smites and rains down fire, decimates, and will burn your ass at the big A, they'll get away with it as long as people fear the miserable bastards who worship a mean and malicious God. This is no - "God is love" organization!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    They will get away with it for as long as there are a hard core of brainwashed dubs who are prepared to sit there and take it from them.

  • parakeet

    The Society could shoot its foot clean off, and there will still be JWs who think it can do no wrong. If Jehovah himself appeared in luminous cloud over Brooklyn and denounced the WTS as Satan's puppet, hardcore believers will still not be convinced there's anything wrong with their darling Society.

  • Bookey

    Which is why we should start forming a real grass roots operation to take down the Jehovah's Witness organization for good. Starting with our local congregations. Let's get the ball rolling on this one. What we first need to do is start forming a select group of ourselves to find as many legal ways as possible to file suit against the organization. Wait... That's been done... Ok, on to the illegal stuff... just joking...

  • katiekitten

    Awwww c'mon, be fair.

    You dont actually expect them to PAY for their porn do you, when they can get if read out to them for free by some scared hot chick sat infront of the committee...

    So Sister Hotass exactly HOW MANY times did he penetrate you before you realised Jehovah was watching...uh huh.. uh huh... and you say this was like, what? ten times per minute? twelve times per minute?.. and when EXACTLY did you moan 'oh darling up a bit up to the left a bit'...

  • Bookey

    Woah! Katiekitten I would like to be your slave.

    You a talk'a mighty dirty there lady... how's about lettin' me have a gander at that there...

    OOPS... Yosemite Sam bad mouth comin' out again!

  • minimus

    If I were still an elder, I'd have the sinners bring the evidence to me so that I could carefully inspect it to determine whether it was indeed "hard" porn vs. "soft".......Years ago, a sister confessed to having sex during the entire week of the District Convention. She said she "marked it on her calender". The elder asked if she would bring the calander to the elders. She agreed. On the calender there were a number of "P"s. The single elder trying to get more info asked what all these "P"s were. She said it was when she had her "period". When I look back at it now, how shameful that both the elders and the congregation members believed they must ask and divulge all these details. I believe many former Catholics that became JWS are predisposed to confessing their sins to mere men.

  • minimus

    Parakeet's right. The Society could shoot its whole foot off and the faithful wil still believe. The question is, though, how many truly faithful are there? My guess is not that many.

  • greendawn

    That's pretty much the case, the dubs are so docile and inert they will believe just about anything the FDS guru tells them. They are not known for their ability to think critically or for their tough mindedness.

    They may want the FDS to be right so that armageddon comes soon as he keeps telling them.

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