Anyone Here Do Any Stock Market Investing?

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  • BlackPearl

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but....anyone want share any recent stock purchase? If you own stock, please make an argument as to why you purchased it. This is my hobbie, I look for undervalued companies to buy and wait for Wall Street to recognize it's true value (anyone heard of Warren Buffett?) and therefore an appreciation in the price of the stock. As an example, let's say I bought DIS (Walt Disney Company) at $22.00 per share last November and it's now trading at $29.00 per share, I've made a 24% profit.

  • BlackPearl

    OK, maybe this was a bad idea. I'm posting to myself, yup, this was a bad idea.

  • thecarpenter

    I'm into the stock market. Not that good at it though. I now use mechanical investing as my strategy. I also manage my retirement annuity and have been doing well. You may be better posting in a different forum though, most people here are into posting about post JW life.

  • trevor

    Right now with the volatility in share prices it is best to concentrate on big stable companies that will never go bust and can see out a downturn.

    I have heaved some money into BP the oil company. I have sold bank stocks because of rising interest rates and national debt levels coupled with too much on loans for houses. Commodities look good in the long term due to the growing need in Asia for supplies.

    As they say - never invest what you can not afford to lose or money that you may need in the short term.

  • rune

    I prefer poker...

  • serendipity

    Hi BP,

    If you like Buffet's approach, have you considered Berkshire Hathaway (BRK B)?

    Most of my money is in a 401K at work, with limited mutual fund choices. Outside of that I invest in ETFs (PBW, EEM, EFA, QQQ). I also follow Tobin Smith at Plus I subscribe to a few other freebie emails to broaden my horizons on international markets and commodities.

    There is a service that rates all the newsletters based on their returns- Hulbert Financial Digest. You can find it here:

    Also, you might consider looking into Worth magazine. I like Kiplinger's and Smart Money mags too.

  • BlackPearl

    Thanks guys, this probably wasn't right forum for this but I enjoyed your posts.

  • amused

    I have been a member of AAII (American Association of Individual Investors) for a few years now. They advocate a conservative approach for the most part. They are a good educational resource. I would like to hear experiences of any who have dabbled in swing trading or any of the other shorter term approaches.

  • Jourles

    As much as I hate Jim Cramer's antics/personality on Mad Money, his "stock picking" method is exactly spot on. It is his looking ahead two to three steps which makes his picks worth looking into. For example, we all know that the automobile industry is heading towards a no-gas stance. Well, which companies are the leaders in the supplies or the IP which will be called upon from the automotive manufacturers in the hybrid/hydrogen/fuel cell arena? Are there any other alternative methods out there? Ethanol? This is where you would also need to follow the path the government wants to take. The gov't has the power to make or break any technology, regardless of freedom of capitalism.

    Pick the leaders in their respective areas, and you should do fine.

    Oh, and I agree on the poker comment too. If you're good, you can make some decent money. No taxes on home games! ....unlike the local casino tournaments.

  • Navigator

    I own a bit of Honeywell International. They seem to be coming back of late and pay a good dividend.

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