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    Do you have proof, 144001?

    Without proof, it is just guessing. ; I have known GB members and seen where they live, what they drive, who pays for it. ; With all the other info that leaks out of Bethel, if the WTS was lining the pockets of the GB members or their "helpers" news would get out. ; Can you imagine being a Bethelite getting an allowance of $100/month seeing senior Bethel members ; having more than, they talked about this one Bethelite for weeks about his sudden wealth, until they found out his mother died and left him a house and an almost new Lexus. ;

    The WTS channels its money back into the "business."

    I have no "proof," but I do have common sense. A business model like that of the Watchtower has been generating substantial cash flow for many years. As you point out, no one seems to know of any Bethelites or GB members living extravagant lifestyles. Nevertheless, given my extensive experience with large organizations, including non-profits, I would be amazed if someone somewhere wasn't making money off this to a degree that most if not all of the rank and file would fine shocking to their respective consciences. And, inasmuch as the Watchower is secretive about its financial statements, we'll never be able to investigate these possibilities further than this armchair discussion.

    The fact that you didn't see or hear of anyone enjoying immense profits on an individual basis arising from or relating to Watchtower operations, doesn't mean it's not happening.

  • Stealth453

    Just look at the real estate holdings. Thats where the money goes.

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