WTS getting desperate, Notes from CO talk

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  • doinmypart

    Here are my wife's notes from the CO talk this past Tuesday.

    1C Christians preached despite demonic activity (Acts 4:1,2). Acts 4:18-20 shows they continued b/c they had God's spirit. Acts 5 all the apostles were imprisoned and about to be put to death, but were beaten & released instead. They kept preaching & teaching w/out letup. In Acts 6 the persecution culminated in the death of Stephen after he gave a public talk. Acts 9 Christians were persecuted throughout the city and then they experienced a period of peace (Acts 9:31), but they still didn't slow down.

    Today, are we keeping active? Are we taking advantage of this time of peace to be built up? We are wise to prepare for the coming time of trouble during this time of peace. If we've started to slow down or get distracted during our time of peace, we won't be prepared when times get hard. At Heb 12 Paul was concerned the congregation would get tired over the passing years and not be at all of their meetings. At 1 Pet 3:14 Peter didn't want the congregation to be focused on economic loss, or loss of health. Today we don't fear these things, rather we do all we can in service. Don't feel as if you have to be entertained every weekend. Don't be primarily concerned with health & diet. Don't worry about what people think of you in the community/a loss of status. We need to take advantage of all the meetings, be in field service, study, and prayer. We continue w/out letup.

    WTS is really trying to gear the R&F up. Three special campaigns this year. Deliverance district convention. Keep a Simple Eye special assembly day. All I can do is shake my head.

  • candidlynuts
    Paul was concerned the congregation would get tired over the passing years and not be at all of their meetings

    well dang.. here it is over 2000 years later.. does anyone CARE if they made all their meetings or not? will anyone care 2000 yrs from NOW if i went to the meeting last night? (heck no one cares now lol)

  • itsallgoodnow

    same guilt inducing crap, different day.

  • restrangled

    Apparently they have not discovered Sir Isaac Newton's prediction of 2060 as the end. (I would believe him over any one else) That way everyone could relax, and the old timer's could get the medical attention they need and retire.

    It's another 54 years away!

    Infact , most of the 6 plus million could relax and get on with life and save for retirement.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Nothing changes with the wts. Yet another talk to guilt the complacent ones, who seem to make up the majority of jws around here nowadays, out in service, going to meetings etc. If past experience is anything to go by, it might work with one or two for a while, but the staus quo will quickly be restored.

  • sf

    Don't be primarily concerned with health & diet.

    LOL!!!! Only when it comes to eating our "spritual poison". Then and only then should you concern yourselves.



  • Warlock


    Your statement "Heck no one cares right now" and loosies guilt of taking too many paper towels have been the two funniest things I have read today, when I really needed them.

    No one cares if I'm at the meetings, either.


  • serendipity

    Thanks for posting doinmypart!

  • sinis

    What the hell is this fixation with demons?! Thats like comparing men to ants. Yea, its cool to watch an ant hill all of about two minutes, but I could care less about its daily activity unless I was some sick ass kid with a magnifying glass and lots of time. Even then, that wears off quickly. Does anyone for one minute think that the angels give a shit? Also, if the angels have not been cast from the heavens and Enoch indicates that the ring leaders were abyssed then in becomes obvious that the "demons" are actually the unrested spirits of the sons (hybred) of the fallen angels.

    The WTS is trying desperately to keep people in there bubble and the bubble keeps getting smaller each year.

  • jeeprube

    "Time of Peace?" WTF is that? I thought we were living in the last days, during times hard to deal with. Isn't one of the founding principles of the JW religion a firm belief in just how shitty the world really is, that there is no peace?

    The JW spin machine fires up again.

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