"Slogging" - the top speed at which JWs go door to door

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  • serendipity
    I remember him getting flustered by the pettiness of some of the sisters, them thinking that at 11:55AM they needed one more call to get that last 5 minutes.

    My pioneer aunt was very precise about time keeping, like she was punching the clock. She didn't want to cheat Jehovah-keeping in mind the example of Ananias and Saphira (sp?).

  • Jim_TX

    Yup... I remember the days of door-knocking...

    Towards the end... I hoped for the 'not at home'... but sometimes this came back to bite me in the a** - as we had to go back to them later.

    I also seem to remember liking being the one to organize the 'car groups' - as I could do the 'you guys go this way, and you guys go that way... and I'll go here'.

    Of course... I would fiddle-faddle around and make sure that I only got one or two doors.

    I too - dreaded working with someone who would say, "It's your turn." I would usually try my best to turn it around - to get them to do the talking - if anyone came to the door, that is.

    Ahhhhh... memories. *shudder*


    Jim TX

  • Fleshybirdfodder

    Great topic! My little trick was a pet call way out in the boondocks that I'd get our car group travel to, but wouldn't actually go up to the door unless there was a "red pickup truck" in the driveway, since the householder told me that's how you could tell if he was home. Of course neither householder nor said pickup truck actually existed.

    I thought sisters only had to cover their heads if they were giving a prayer or conducting a study in the presence of a baptised male. I remember my mom calling me up from the basement whilst I was playing video games to say a prayer for one of her bible studies, and I would respond by saying I was in the bathroom. She always had this ridiculous straw hat on just because I was in another part of the house.


  • daniel-p

    "Of course neither householder nor said pickup truck actually existed."

    lol!!! I remember thinking I was an evil genius when I hatched a similar plan. So one morning I said we go to such-and-such a place and look for a tan-colored van - well' I'd be dogged if there wasn't a god damn mothereffing 'tan-colored' van in the driveway! The sisters were like, "Oh, Daniel-P your call is home! Hooray!" So I quickly made some damage-control alterations to my plan and said "well, he can be a feisty guy sometimes, so I'll just go by myself..."
    So I got out of the car with my bookbag and here comes some kind of demon-dog charging for me. The dog pins me to the car an waits for his master to come out of the house - and here comes this burly guy with a beard (you know they kind I'm talking about), and he's all "can I help you?" meanwhile chewing something in his mouth. "Oh, hello sir, is FRED home?" "Fred? There ain't no Fred here..." he says suspiciously. So I'm just like, "well, uh... you have a nice day now...."

    God, I learned my lesson with that. Actually not really. I just would wait till I had the house in my sights, then refer to the vehicle that was not there with a "aww shucks" sort of attitude. >:)

  • Honesty
    I hung out with 7 full time pioneers (aka the seven dwarfs) who had nothing good to say about each other, accused each other of cheating on hours and stealing each others studies and not showing up for field service regularly... LD

    And I thought this was unique to 'our' congregation.

    I had to go with the ex to explain to the other brothers that she only said, "Hi, our car group stopped by Friday to see how you are enjoying your 'study' with Sister G. the other day but you were'nt home" when sister G. told the brothers my ex was trying to steal her 'study' at last Sunday's meeting. It got so intense that I thought for a minute the two bit sisters were arguing over Moses' bones.

  • Fleshybirdfodder

    We had two congregations sharing our hall and the territory disputes over who had to hand over what call when they moved to the other congregation were like the crips and the bloods.


  • ocsrf

    This subject is too funny.

    I have heard of the "Pioneer Shuffle", but the term "Slogging" is new to me. Made me laugh.

    I used to go out in a territory that I had lived most of my life, so was able to make return visits on people I had known for 10 and 20 years or more, I would get invited in spend 15 min. at each of those calls and was done. Most of them took the mags, but we enjoyed talking about everything but them ever being a witness. I have to say, that was not hard time at all. The comment about the nit picky sisters measuring out every minute, sounded way to familiar to me....LOL.


  • carla

    How does that work when two congs share the same territory? do they split up half of the city or something? How about the outlying areas?

  • restrangled

    One funny outcome with all this door to door work that paid off. I worked for the Census Bureau doing what be considered back calls by the JW's to those households that did not fill out the long forms. Most people were so damn glad I wasn't a JW they agreed to cooperate That along with no fear of ringing a total stranger's door bell and the ability to keep at it if they didn't answer, made me a top producer. They kept me for 6 months extra. The pay was a lot better too!


  • Jim_TX

    Here in this city... there are several spanish-speaking congregations.

    I remember one that would work wherever they wanted, while our kh had 'territory maps' that got checked out (like a library) and worked.

    There was more than one occassion when we would be walking around the block, and come face to face with these spanish groups.

    In retrospect, it was kinda funny... as they would high-tail it outta there. If we got close enuf to talk to them, they would feign a 'no speek english' attitude.

    When I brought it up to the fellas whut were in charge, they would wince and give me some sort of 'oh, they are just working the 'spanish' speaking homes.

    The worst part was if we didn't spot them right away, and go door-knocking, and get a slightly perturbed person to answer the door with a 'you were just here' type of response. I hated that.

    Also... that bit about 'they only work the spanish-speaking homes' was a crock. We had to do 'surveys' where we would meticulously write down which homes were english vs spanish (here in this town, there were very few caucasians on this side of town). Anyway... I got to see the 'list' onetime, and knew that someone in that there spanish kh was cheating... as my own home was on the list, and I'm as 'white' as they come. hahahahaha


    Jim TX

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