How many people have you SAVED from the JWs?

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  • kid-A

    OK, maybe the word "saved" is inappropriate... Lets say, how many people, either directly or indirectly through your words, ideas or counsel, do you believe you have "removed" from the organization?

    In my case, I would have to count three. Two of my best friends from when I was growing up who initially resisted my questions and apostate leanings but are now free of the borg and have confided it was our conversations that led to their de-programming. And, my sister, through pretty much the same circumstances. On the flipside, I am happy to report I have never brought anyone "into" the borg, which perhaps is not surprising given that I faded out before getting baptized! LOL

    So, looking at your balance sheet, how many did you assist in leaving versus those you regretably brought in?

  • greendawn

    Once an evangelical pastor asked me to help a girl that was being influenced by the dubs (Bible study)as he said "these cults use intense psychological pressure and deceit on their members" and knowing that I was an ex dub he asked me to help him distance her from them.

    I did help him and together we got her out of their clutches. To me that was very sweet.

    At last I did a number on the WTS and harmed their interests.

  • blondie

    I don't know.....have people reading my review been affected......can't quantify that.

    As to family and "friends" I no longer debate it with them...nothing new to say. I found it out gradually on my own. When people are ready, it will hit them in the face like the poopy end of a cow's tail.


  • Mastodon

    I can't say I have Saved people from it. What I can say is that I've helped some df'd friends realize that they shouldn't feel guilty for being expelled and that they do not need to go back, specially if it's to please their family. So far, one of them does not want anything to do with the WTS and already told this to his JW family. I'm working with another now, little by little showing him the Truth behind the troof.

  • AuldSoul

    At least 7 out, so far. 3 in, so the balance sheet is up by 4 for the good guys. But to be fair, I have been out for a year, give or take, and was in for 20. So, it is really more like 7 per year out and 0.15 per year in. Even less per year in if you count all the years as a publisher before baptism.

  • kid-A

    You may be voted our "M.V.P." Auldsoul with those stats!

  • Satanus

    None, i think. I may have influenced some people here. I don't try much anymore.


  • parakeet

    Right after I left the JWs, several of my friends followed almost immediately. But I can't take credit for that--they had been harboring their own doubts for a while, and my leaving gave them the courage to leave, too. Maybe they thought a group exodus would diffuse the JW blame, so no one would get the full brunt of disapproval.
    Even as a JW, I was such a reluctant witness that I don't think anyone became a JW because of me. So in a very indirect way, I may have "saved" someone because of my total lack of enthusiasm.
    Yeah, I'm real hero material. :-)

  • gumby

    Only three I can think of directly....( there are probably more I can't think of).

    Indirectly is another story. I've had people PM me here and told me they enjoyed things I have said about dubs that made them think....however, my posts are a very small part of this board and EVERYONE here has a part in aiding ones out. Who knows how many we have ALL helped stay out of the Jehovah's Witnesses by our experiences and posts we make?

    I have given a testimony in a Baptist church with 3 others about why and how I exited the witnesses. I may have helped all those who heard me to never allow a witness to get a foot in the door with them. I have spoken to a great number of others about the witnesses on my jobs I do in their home also.....and this may have prevented them from becoming interested in the witnesses down the road.

    Actually, we have no idea how many we have aided. Everytime we expose the witnesses to those who know little about them, we plant a seed in these as to what the dubs are really made of.


  • M.J.

    Any of you guys for hire ?

    Me: zero. But working on it.

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