Do you feel as if you're losing your liberties you once had?

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  • under_believer

    --->The only way Congress can do anytrhing about anything is to makes laws.
    Forscher, that's not EXACTLY true. There is also impeachment. Congress is supposed to be an equally powerful arm of government to the executive branch.
    What Bush has said is that even if Congress passes a law, and the Judiciary rules that Bush is in violation of a law, Bush doesn't have to follow the law.

  • Robdar

    You can no longer buy certain sinus meds here without giving your name, address, and telephone number. Supposedly the chemistry majors can make meth with it or something. Also, I can no longer use the library computer without using my library card and date of birth.

    Then there was Waco and Ruby Ridge during the Clinton administration. Janet Reno was such a stud.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas
    Supposedly the chemistry majors can make meth with it or something.

    OUCH! Let's not tar the chemistry majors!

    That's kind of like saying that only Julia Child can bake a cake.

    The fact is that the procedures are published in "recipe books" and anyone who can bake a cake can follow the recipe to make meth. I just got more than 20,000 hits when I GOOGLED "How to make meth". Even if half those sites are beartraps, that's still a lot of infomation out there.

    I believe the solution to criminal activity is to punish the criminals.

  • Robdar

    OUCH! Let's not tar the chemistry majors!

    Sorry 'bout that!

  • greendawn

    I don't feel that I am losing my liberties but then perhaps here they are more subtle at doing things. Computers have a lot of power and getting more powerful.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    People are a lot more security conscious in general these days, mainly, I imagine, because of the terrorist threat. At the hospital where I work, if a member of staff rorgets their ID badge, they have to be signed in by a supervisor before they are allowd through security, even though they may have worked there years, and be well known to the man on the gate. It's the same rules where my boyfriend works as well.

    Because my bf is an England fan, and we are in the middle of the World Cup finals, he has hung a couple of England flags outside our flat, as many others have. Apparently, this is ok while the football is on, but when it ends the flags have to be taken down for fear of upsetting ethnic minorities, as the England flag is "nationalistic", and has been adopted by several right - wing political groups. I think this is a breach of civil liberties, but I expect we will comply.

  • kid-A

    An annoying trend popping up in most retail stores is the clerk asking for your phone number and/or postal code whenever you make a purchase. Why the hell does RadioShack

    need my phone number when I buy a watch battery? This drives me crazy and I always give a fake phone numbers or tell them "its long distance, I live in Europe"...

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