Kingdom News no. 37

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  • sir82

    Here's a little more detail on the "Kingdom News" campaign I posted about yesterday:

    The campaign runs fruns from October 16 - November 12. It will be announced to the congregations in a service meeting part during the week of September 18. Every publisher and pioneer gets 50 copies.

    This is something I don't recall happening before: publishers are supposed to keep track of how many tracts they place, and record it on the back of their time slips for October and November. And the congregation will report the total number placed in those 2 months to th eSociety.

    The official title of the tract is "False Religion's End is Near!"

  • juni

    So then if you are to report the # of tracts you "place" then obviously they want you to knock, knock and talk to the h.h. a little and then offer the tract???? None left at N.H.s?? In the early days of leaving tracts, we left them at the door. And went to the next one. Everyone got a copy.

    Thanks for the info Sir82.


  • metatron

    Somebody get a copy and post it. This could be very useful.


  • yucca

    Maybe they will get this prediction right. Are they predicting their own demise.? Wouldnt that be ironic? Everything they preach is against what Jesus taught.

  • sir82


    They haven't been delivered yet. It sounds like they won't arrive in the congregations until some time in September.

    Of course, they are already likely printing them, so if some Bethel monitor wanted to do his good deed for the day and slip over to the press room...

  • blondie

    *** w96 1/1 p. 11 Jehovah Gives Peace and Truth in Abundance ***

    As evidence that the pouring out of these plagues continues, the talk "False Religion’s End Is Near" was delivered worldwide on April 23, 1995, followed by the distribution of hundreds of millions of copies of a special issue of Kingdom News.


    yb96 p. 6 Jehovah’s Witnesses—1996 Yearbook Report ***


    Distribution of Kingdom News

    One of the outstanding aspects of the witness given during 1995 involved distribution of the tract Kingdom News No. 34. Anticipation had been built up for months in advance. Then on Sunday, April 23, after the public talk "False Religion’s End Is Near," the Kingdom News was released, and simultaneous distribution in 111 languages began. It was distributed in another 25 languages later in the year. In many lands, new peaks in publishers and hours were reached during the time set aside for its distribution.


    kn34 p. 1 Why Is Life So Full of Problems? ***


    News No. 34


    Is Life So Full of Problems?

    Is a trouble-free paradise possible?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I'll bet the r&f can hardly wait to get started with this! This matter of reporting the number placed does seem to be a departure from previous tract campaigns as well. I imagine quite a few will still end up in dustbins though. like in previous campaigns.

  • blondie

    This is how I "placed" my tracts.

  • ozziepost
    The official title of the tract is "False Religion's End is Near!"

    Yay! Great News!!

    The WT's going out of business.

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Wasn't there just a tract campaign recently? Does anyone know what that one was called? I saw a big tract on my mom's refrigerator one time when I was at her house within the last month or so...It said something about Deliverance I think. I didn't dare go over and look at it for fear of having a huge fight about JW stuff...

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