No information for the great crowd in the bible......................

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  • vitty

    Im not very articulate and find it hard to explain myself but here goes-------------------

    I always wondered (not too deeply) why, at this most important time in history, that being the end of this system, why the bible was really ONLY written for the few remaining ones on earth ( 8,000) approx. Nothing of significance for the other sheep, the great crowd.

    Everything was about the hope for a resurrection in heaven, nothing about an earthly paradise. I struggled trying to find scriptures in the Greek scriptures to prove it.

    I often wondered why God didnt provide, non confusing, plain and simple "truths" for the great crowd and OUR hope. But there was nothing.

    This made me wonder about the "great apostasy" hell fire I could reason on, immortality , well it talked about immortality in the bible. I used to wonder WHAT was the Christendoms religions teachings that were wrong.

    I never thought to research them, cos I already had the true religion, And the other religions were so obviously corrupt, WRONG and pagan.

    I must admit I didnt read the bible regular, Ive read it more since Ive left.

    So if you were one of those knowlegeable Jws I mean read your bible every day and researched stuff , how did you feel when you read the Greek scriptures??

  • jwfacts

    You make a good point. It is ridiculous to think that the bible was written solely for a few thousand people.

    As a JW I did not think about it too much. "By Extension" the bible applied to me so that was good enough.

  • ozziepost

    Well expressed Vitty. You put it well and I'm sure there are many who feel as you do.

    How good it is to now be free of all those unscriptural restrictions.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Ah - so you did vitty, lol

    Many years ago, when I was a dub, I thought the Bible was written for everyone (well, for ALL DUBS of course, everyone else was damned). It's only LAST year I discovered it wasn't, but for the Anointed only. Is this New Light, or was I not paying attention all those years ago?

  • bennyk

    No "New Light".

    This was discussed in 1966 in the book "Life Everlasting in Freedom of the Sons of God" on a left-hand page somewhere around page 156. (The book is not found on the CD-ROM.) Also, page 374 (maybe) of the 1974 Watchtower.

  • vitty

    I think I missed this info..........

  • vitty

    why isnt my topic on p****ed..............gurrrrrrrrrrr

  • Narkissos

    Very good point.

    Following on this logic, if the NT was not written for most (non-"anointed") current JWs, on what grounds are they supposed to be baptised / live by Christian principles / preach / be subject to congregation discipline etc.? Why is anything "Christian" required of them?

    Here we can see the dramatic shift which Rutherford imposed on Russell's teaching. To Russell, the idea of "another class" was a way to avoid the common dilemma "either Christian or hell". What he meant is that people who now are not Christians could be saved later in another way. Rutherford made it a present, secondary class of Christians and freely picked and choosed in the NT what applied or did not apply to them. Baptism, not the Eucharist. Moral and religious requirements, not immediate communion with the holy spirit. He turned what was an expression of hope into a tool of control and subjection for the larger number in the WT organisation. And it worked (almost) perfectly.

  • Terry

    Armageddon already came!

    It came for the Jews and their special relationship with G*D.

    In A.D.70 Armageddon wiped out the sacrificial arrangement whereby Jews could receive forgiveness.

    Everybody is free now.

  • Lieu

    That's that Masonic stuff permeating into JWism. No other Christian sect has such silliness (except maybe the Mormons...and that fellow was a Freemason too.)
    The Freemasons have little secret groups within the bigger group that they refer to as the "elect" .... wording used by Russell and Rutherford quite a bit. Only the "elect" after completing a bunch of rituals and various other acts were supposed to be told the real meaning of everything.

    If you have a small central group that has "secrets" and "secret meetings"; particularly apart from the whole group .... then they aren't Christian.

    There are no secrets in Christianity and Christ was transparent as were the biblical Apostles. If the Bible had been written by the GB of JW's, no one would have a clue what happened at the meeting in the book of Acts...heck, there probably wouldn't be a book of Acts....everything is such a damn secret with that Org.

    THeir interpretation on the GC is incorrect as has been so many other intepretations they have made. I'd ignore it, the Bible was written for everyone not just those who think they are "more special"...not very Christlike IMO.

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