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  • restrangled

    Dear Sparkplug,

    I joined today after being a "lurker" for several weeks. You can find me in several posts. But just to give you a little background.....I was df'd when I was 16 as an elders daughter. I am not going into details now but in this day and age it would be considered date rape. My mother had the where-with-all to fight and sent a ten page letter to the society at the time. It was reversed 90 days later and I was the big example at the circuit sssembly.. private elders meeting as to how NOT to disfellowship. To bad so sad, it still left me reeling, and as no one had ever heard of a reversal, they didn't know how to react. NO apologies from the 5 elders wanting me nailed. No insturctions as to how to move on, and I am sure you are aware once you have earned a rep. or title in cong. there is no going back.

    I am 48 tomorrow. My father left as an elder in the 80's and is now dead. My mother forged on as a very strong witness. I left when I was 18 but never once discouraged or down played anything my mother believed in. 3 weeks ago she came to me stating she had to shun me after 30 years as the latest DO told her she must be obediant in all things because the end is so near. (You all have heard it before)

    This is my long story short.


  • SixofNine

    Hi, thanks for the invitation, everyone seems soooo nice (especially those hot apostate men and women).

    Anyway, teehee, I'm 27, female, and I'm sooooo glad to be enjoying FREEDOM, *squeal!*, and I'm single. I work as a model, and sometimes washing cars. Of course I've got tattoos in all the wrong places, and I'll show them to anyone who pm's me!

    Hope to hear from you all soon! *sucks finger longingly*

  • Sparkplug

    Hi, thanks for the invitation, everyone seems soooo nice (especially those hot apostate men and women).

    Anyway, teehee, I'm 27, female, and ;I'm sooooo glad to be enjoying FREEDOM, *squeal!*, and I'm single. ; I work as a model, and sometimes washing cars. ; ; Of course I've got tattoos in all the wrong places, and I'll show them to anyone who pm's me! ;

    Hope to hear from you all soon! ; *sucks finger longingly*

    Six are you on crack? I did have to laugh though...outloud even.

    sometimes washing cars
    especially here above
  • candidlynuts

    six if your that hot talk some googlyeyed man into washing your car FOR you! work it baby!

  • DesertRat

    I am not BRAND new here, but still new enough to realize how far I have yet to go on the path towards JW 'recovery' (at least when compared to the many here with more years & experience behind them).

    Most people have probably already read or heard my story (you are welcome to read my profile & post history), so I will keep it brief by saying that life as a born-and-raised JW--with a few other challenges thrown in for good measure--has been EXTREMELY difficult, things are not much easier now, & I am so incredibly grateful to have found the kind & supportive people on this site.

    I look forward to reading further posts from you & getting to know you better, as I have others on this site. My opportunities to log on or post here are somewhat limited (Internet access only at work), but I try to do so at least twice a day & will answer each & every personal message I receive, no matter how long it takes me to do so.

    Your Friend,

    Desert Rat (109 degrees here today )

  • Sparkplug

    I went and read it! Welcome Rat. Keep on keeping on. You may find that instead of two days down and one up thwe tables turn and then it is two up...two more up!

    You never know. You came to a great place for healing!

  • Witchettygrub

    Hi, I confess I'm guilty of jumping in and posting here without explanation but I felt shhyyy! I have been loitering here for some time - couldn't make up my mind to join or not but many of the people here caused me to laugh with their comments and that's a good thing.

    Since I left the WTS - by the way I'm not disfellowshipped - I don't feel I have anything to grab hold of and that I am simply floating along if you know what I mean. This board gives support and many here have good insight and interesting backgrounds as ex-JW's and some I see are still in.

    What led to me leaving was the UN and the child paedophile cases within the org. and their claim that only they are the channel to God. There are other teachings I have not been able to get my head around as well but as I learn more here I'm pretty sure that everything will come together in time.


  • slimboyfat

    I still go to meetings, but have been inactive for a while - though the elders are trying to "reactivate" me at the moment. I don't believe in the Witnesses any more, but I don't believe *all* the bad things apostates say about them either. This forum is very one-sided at times, and the most outrageous generalizations about Witnesses get passed unremarked. But when I criticize apostates in even a minor way it gets jumped upon.

    I am fairly agnostic in matters of faith, but like to think there is an outside chance there is a God and that he has some sort of plan that we might find out about one day - but if he does exist and does have a plan, I doubt he is going to relay it to mankind through Jehovah's Witnesses or other fundamentalist type sects.

    I like reading books and articles about Jehovah's Witnesses. I have around 100 books about Jehovah's Witnesses and have read most of them: from the well-known ones by Franz, Penton and Bergman to more obscure books by the likes of Royston Pike, Norman Long, Matthew Alfs and so on. I also like to read the old Watchtower literature, though my collection is somewhat modest compared to others on the forum.

    I haven't decided if/when/how to leave the Witnesses - just sort of bumping along at the moment, and I hope the decision is not taken out my hands somehow...


  • press any key
    press any key


    I have been lurking for a few months and started posting a few weeks ago.

    Have been out for about two years, since a friend let me in on the UN story which motivated me to start doing some research and read all the WTS sins.

    Thankfully my wife came to the same conclusions at the same time so am very lucky there. When I read some of the stories on here about trying to leave when the spouse wants to stay, that seems like the hardest thing.

    I was born in JW land. Elder father, but one of the good elders that everyone loved, believed humility was most important quality next to love. When I think back on it I was never really that into the JWs, pioneered for a brief while, never MS or anything, but hung in there cause there was too much to lose. Couldnt bring myself to give it a good honest scrutiny until it was shoved in my face. So thats something I learnt about myself from the JW experience. Not angry to the witlesses (well maybe a little) but still angry at myself for letting myself be fooled for so long when deepdown I wasnt 100% certain.

    Went from JW to athiest in about 2 minutes, as everything I knew about the bible and god I had leart from them so that all got thrown out at the same time. Have now came back to an agnostic viewpoint, but if there is a god, I'm pretty sure he aint the christian version.

    Anyway, out and loving it.

    Today is just another day in paradise.


  • HAL9000

    Been here for a while, but access severely limited due to work firewalls and not wishing to attract attention at home. (Tuesday night - guess why I can post)

    Not a JW never have been. My wife has been studying since about 2000 but not baptised. She is the ultimate procrastinator - resson for nor being baptised. I have issues with some of the stuff that the JW's put out, especially false prophecy and their "we are the only path"mentality - I hope to put a more balanced view to my wife, & so do not wish to be "sprung" on this board. Also have had some experiences in trying to help kids of JW's who try to witness in science class and present regurgitated crap to their teacher - & especially when the parents regard the minimal mark that their junior acolyte receives as discrimination.

    I do tend to get worked up and come here whenever I can to let loose. Bur not often enough! Details provided are accurate though!


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