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  • restrangled

    Dear all,

    Just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I have appreciated all your postings as a "lurker"...sorry.

    Short history, grew up in the 70's as a 3rd generation Jw, elders daughter, Dad left in the 80's, DF'd at 16 and the decision was reversed after 90 days. Left when I was 18. I am now 48 and have suddenly been shunned by my mother even though I have supported her emotionally all these years never critisizing the WT, listening patiently to witnessing stories etc. (30 years!!!!)

    Have many stories, and look forward to getting to know all of you.


  • MidwichCuckoo

    Welcome restrangled - look forward to reading your 'many stories'!

  • ButtLight

    Welcome to the board! Always nice to see new people!

  • freetosee

    Welcome, looking forward to your stories.

  • luna2

    Hi, amy. Welcome!

  • prophecor

    Welcome, Amy. Make yourself to home.

  • AudeSapere

    Hi Amy / Restrangled -

    Welcome to JWD!!

    Jump right in and share when you're ready. We're interested in hearing your story as well as your perspective on issues that each of us are facing.

    Thanks for posting...!

    -Denise aka Aude Sapere (meaning: Dare to Know; Dare to Have Wisdom/Understanding)

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi restrangled, and welcome to the board.

  • south african beef
    south african beef

    Hello restrangled.

    Sounds like you have some very interesting stories to tell - we look forward to that.

    I grew up in the truth in the '70s too - my parents and brother are still devout witnesses - I'm d'fed.

    Welcome to this discussion forum.

  • MsMcDucket

    Hello Amy, welcome to the forum. I know how you feel about being shunned. My 19-year-old twin daughters are shunning me. This is a good place to let it all out. It's like an informal therapy group. We comprise a VERY eclectic group of people. I'm sure you know that if you have been lurking! Girl, we can get into some pretty good arguments around here! But don't let it run you off. For the most part, everyone is *IMHO* kind-hearted underneath the hard core.

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