have you heard of accusations of ex witnesses starting their own church?

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  • candidlynuts

    a comment from a family member about an elder who quit attending meetings the other day was " oh they dont attend anymore, i dont think they're df'd but its known they started their own church"

    ok so i didnt think much about it..other than it doesnt seem the sort of thing this fella would ever do..

    but..today i read a story on freeminds ( will look for the link in a bit and will post it)

    where a man telling his story mentions that he told his judicial commitee that he and his family read the bible together instead of attending meetings, and later hears gossip that is going around that he had started his own church..

    so...my question is..have any of you heard of this? is studying the bible without watchtower publications percieved as starting your own CHURCH?

  • free2beme

    I wrote about an event that happened to me, in regards to this ...


  • blondie

    When I was going to the KH, I would hear people say that about Ray Franz although they could never tell me what that was based on...just rumor and conjecture.

    JWs who left and taught doctrine other than the WTS doctrine were often accused of starting their own religion.

    Actually, I find that many who leave have a definite aversion to any group religion.


  • LDH

    free, that was a creepy thread.

    JT and I used to joke about starting our own church so we could become millionares. Hell if TD Jakes and Joel Osteen can do it.....

  • candidlynuts

    ok it wasnt on freeminds that i read it ( jwd was down so i was googling jw stories lol)

    it was here...


    this is part 15 of Jay Walters story... it was a good read.. i havent explored the rest of the site yet though.

  • candidlynuts

    free2be i read that thread of yours! wow they really DID start their own church.

    i wonder though how many are accused of doing it and really arent..they're just studying the bible with their family and jw's have to start gossip about them to cover up the real reason they quit attending meetings

  • mkr32208

    I know of two apostates who have become "preachers" one was seriously off his rocker and became one of the fire and brimstone evangelicals the other is a very normal guy who realized that he was sitting a cash cow and is very well known (and fairly wealthy, or I should say WAS I've not heard of him... Or the other now that I mention it, in many years!) in the daytona area!

    Neither started their own church though!

  • RR

    When I walked about, it didn't take long before the runmors beganm, that I grew long hair and a beard (a sure sign of apostasy) and that I was writing a book, and that I started my own anti-Watchtower movement.


  • LDH


    What happened to the lot of people who predicted a nuclear attack on NYC on June 9, or 10?

  • heathen

    I remember when I was a study that when I argued against the WTBTS dogma the guy I studied with just says in a real smart ass way ,"why don't you just start your own religion?" He may very well have been serious . Say I do have my own printer and can print up some religious stuff and beg for money while I'm at it . At least it won't be going to a billion dollar corporation full of crooks and liars . Friggen despots ............................

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