UPDATE: Alive and Kicking... ASS

by RichieRich 51 Replies latest jw friends

  • RichieRich

    Hello from the middle of nowhere!!

    I'm sitting in what feels like a glass bubble, and when I look around, there is nothing but water all around.

    That massage last night was neat. Me naked with a hand towel (literally as big as my hand) over my ass. They traded in my hot little south african for an even hotter russian. Me like. Me leave big tip with someone else's money.

    They have a casino onboard, and I've spent 10 dollars and won 126. Then I figured I'd quit before they won it all back.

    But, this cruise won't last forever.

    Then it will be back to the real world.

    The real world of me making secret phonecalls to my dad, and me working long and hard.

    I do all my grocery shopping on sunday mornings, right about 30 minutes after the meeting gets out, at the grocery store thats closest to the hall. I usually run into 15-30 witnesses, and just wink at the kids.

    The best revenge is a good life though- and I keep that first and foremost in my mind. My mother actually came to my graduation ceremony, but she wouldn't sit with my worldly real family, and she never spoke to me. I graduated second in my high class, and I was the class speaker. I made sure to mention how perspective effects realtionships, and how unconditional love is gold.

    Oh well...

    theres a nasty (hopefully) comedian that starts in about 30 minutes. I'll catch yall later.

  • Miss_MG

    Nice to hear from you again, We have missed you,enjoy your cruise and take lots of photos.

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