ever get "caught" because someone spotted you on JWD?

by Calliope 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Calliope

    "fading" is frustratingly limiting.
    i can't be entirely free.

    i approach each new person with trepidation. afraid that they'll give me up to the witness gestapo.
    i want to make and be friends with the lot of you, and yet i can't even share my picture?

    you'll say: DA yourself.
    but i can't because of my family...

    anyway, i suppose i have my answer.

  • ballistic

    A couple of people insinuated some who don't disclose their details could be afraid of the watchtower. I expect the reason, as is mine, is that they do not want to loose contact with family members which is completely different. I strongly doubt anyone on here is afraid of the Watchtower per se.

  • candidlynuts

    right ballistic..it would feel so good to send a DA letter to the elders, to the congregation and even pay to have it printed in the local paper!

    but its not worth losing what little contact i have left with my family.

  • Honesty

    Bring it on Watchtower.

    You refuse to engage us in a public debate regarding your grandiose cliams of being chosen by God as His only representative on earth to dispense Truth.

    You refuse to publicly answer when asked to prove that salvation can only be obtained (earned) by joining your demonic cult.

    You beat your followers into submission by threatening them with disfellowshipping and shunning if they so much as question your crazy flip-flopping doctrines.

    The list of your blasphemous misdeeds goes on forever into eternity.

    Take a real hard look at this image, Watchtower because the person in it will never darken the doorway of any of your synagogues devoted to Satan:

    BTW Watchtower, how often has it been mentioned that you are a cult?

  • cruzanheart

    Cool story: after my dad committed suicide, I wrote a letter to the elders in his congregation (it was a really good letter, too) and I posted it on this board. TO THIS DAY, if you type "Bill Bibbee" (my dad) into Google or any other search engine, you will pull up my letter in English AND in German (thanks, GermanXJW). I think it's really really cool and a nice tribute to my dad, who would have enjoyed the attention.

    No Witness in my area has found me out on this board, as I faded nicely and people started ignoring me long before I started posting. No worries. Don't care anyway.


  • Elsewhere

    One of the benefits of disassociating myself is I don't give a rat's ass who sees me here!

  • Calliope


    i can't see you picture.


  • jwfacts

    I was. I did not have a name or picture, but the elders went to a lot of trouble to track me down. They thought the site jwfacts.com was mine, so did net registry searches and linked it to my PO Box. They then linked jwfacts on this site and used some of my comments against me in a JC. By that time i was hoping to be d/f so I made no pretence about knowing it is all a lie.

  • Stephanus

    Honesty, with that backdrop, you could be Dr Zarkov in a Flash Gordon film!

  • Calliope


    were you df-ed after all? and why were they trying to track you down?


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