baptized roommate talked to elders about Barbara Anderson

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  • oppgirl63

    My roommate(baptized) met with 2 elders last night and gave them "The Discoveries of Barbara Anderson". She told them that she believed Mrs. Anderson was telling the truth. She didn't think that Mrs. Anderson would have given so many years of service to Jehovah and then just walk away. She feels she was wrongly disfellowshipped. She was so moved by what she wrote that she would really like to correspond with her. She wants me to try to get an e-mail address or something so she can write her. Does anybody know of such adress?

    She also gave them pictures of Russells grave showing the pyramid...they new nothing about it.

    The other thread that relates to my story is

    Any information would be appreciated.

  • Scully

    Barbara Anderson posts here occasionally. She uses the ID "AndersonsInfo"

  • Fangorn

    Dude you're a complete moron. Practically everyone here knows who she is and what she post under, she doesn't make a secret of it.

  • Trace

    It really helps your argument to call others names.

    The point isn't "what everybody knows"....

    The point is should a moderator post a person's ID ...whether "everybody knows it" or not.

    Stay on point and avoid calling'll make you seem smarter.

  • oppgirl63

    I knew her user id...I just wondered if there was a website or something where my roommate could e-mail her directly. Sorry for causing problems. I guess I can let her come here and post something to her under my user id.

  • candidlynuts

    oppgirl you didnt cause any problems at all.

    welcome to the forum.

    one thing you could to is PM her thru her id here..

    do you know how to use the Private message service here?

    click on inbox under your name up at the top left... and you can find the send new message button there, type in her user name " andersoninfo" and send her a message requesting her email addy or whatever message you want to leave her.

  • under_believer

    Trace, her last name is BUILT INTO HER HANDLE. She signs her posts "Barbara Anderson." She's outta the closet, dude. Settle down.

  • Scully

    You could send her a message and ask if she'll give you her email address, if you want to avoid having your roommate visit an "apostate" site.

  • AndersonsInfo

    oppgirl63: Please check your Inbox as I've sent you a personal message. And, yes, I'd be more than happy to talk to your roommate.

  • katiekitten
    Even though it does not appear that she wants to remain private should SCULLY be outing her?

    Barbara Anderson is GAY???

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