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  • FlyingHighNow

    you have access to THAT book? YOU have GOT to be the most powerful apostate EVER.... (eh.. burn that page and any other pertaining to my willfullness...k?) LOL

    Hehehe. He changes your life or death status by the half hour. And sometimes by the offense.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Granny says the average JW believes Jehovah keeps a daily book of life log.

  • Synergy

    You want convention stories? I'll give ya convention stories! This is just another drugery of my childhood as a JW. Each summer my ELDER father worked in expiditing at the conventions - all three of them in our district. Guess how many I attended year after f***ing year? That's right had one little 4 day convention I had twelve days of my summer in a dress in a civic center eating burritos and chicken sandwiches, a pudding or fruit bag and oh yes, orange juice and cheese danish for breakfast.

    Fast forward to being 19 with a 5 month old baby. Getting up at 3am to get to the convention site at 6, two and a half hour drive and my ever zealous MS husband was helping some department. So I get there and I have the baby and I sit in a seat. The place is empty except for the brothers setting up the sound. An elder walks up to me and tells me to get up and stand until the doors open - in two hours because we can't save seats and that means I can't sit in any of the 5000 empty seats because it wouldn't be fair. I didn't move. I yelled at him. I said, You wanna talk about fair? I got up at 3 am and breastfed and then drove an two and a half hours to be here at 6am so my husband could help you. Now you want me to stand and hold my infant for two hours because I can't sit in a seat? Who is it not fair to? The ones who got to sleep in who will show up at 9:00? He actually picked up my diaper bag and set it in the cooridors. I was so angry I was shaking. I made such a bitching loud mouth fuss that other elders met with him and he had to come and apologize to me.

    I have dozens of convention stories just ask me!

    Renee (of the never wasting another summer weekend over dressed in a civic center class)

  • Synergy

    ok I'm enjoying this thread so much here's a little more...

    I'm pregnant with my first child (18) and it's day two or three of the convention. I'm swolen and naucious. The speaker has a particular booming voice and is just plain loud. My head was pounding. So I get up and walk around the cooridors. One of the sign carrying freaks walks over to me and lovingly reminds my wayward walking self to take my seat. I told him I needed to stretch my legs and get to a quieter place because the speaker was so loud. I was obvously pregnant and he says, "Here, I have some asprin, why don't you take it and go take your seat." I said, "Before you start handing meds out to pregnant people you might want to talk to a doctor. Asprin for pregnant people isn't safe, Tylenol is but not Asprin. I don't want your medicine and I intend to take my seat later." We argued for a bit and he took his leave. I'm just a feisty little one that doesn't listen.

    Renee (of the don't mess with a pregnant bitch class)

  • Highlander

    We want more Synergy! more, more, more! oh wait, now I'm starting to sound like the demanding, overbearing, WBTS. oops,, my bad.

  • sass_my_frass

    Sign in assemby hall toilets: "Please don't flush for minor use".

    Australian conventions got a lot better when they started using decent sites. When Perth's moved to the superdome it was luxury - everybody could see, there were no 'golden seats'. One year they blocked off half the seating so they wouldn't have to clean it, there was a massive uproar about the lack of legroom, so they didn't try that again.

    Sydney DC is now in a nice new stadium built for the olympics basketball. Carpets, great seating, lots of room, it's magnificent. Sure there are nazis placed around the place to keep you out of the 'golden floor' - disabled and convention elite only - but otherwise it's very comfy. I've no idea why the country bros still go to their school gyms and horrible expo centres; the olympic stadium is only three hours away.

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