Field Service?

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  • Lo-ru-hamah

    I don't know if any one else here has made this observance but....

    Today as I was running errands around town I noticed quite a few witnesses out in the ministry. On a Thursday, no less, but it wasn't that they were at peoples doors. They were all just driving around. (I think that this must be their circuit overseers visit this week.)

    So, to me it seems that they don't ever really do door to door work they just ride around in cars until 10:30 for break and then they stop at noon. Meanwhile, gossiping about whoever is in want of heart.

    What amazes me is that all that driving around somehow makes them better than everyone else.


  • under_believer

    Yes, as a recently-active Witness, I can attest to the fact--that's all they do. In fairness I should say that there are a few who truly earnestly try to have a productive ministry--always checking out new "fresh" territory cards, always doing cold-calls, always making an effort. 99% of Witnesses, though, are just watching the clock and dragging their feet like 20 year Teamsters.

  • moomanchu

    Rural territoryunless you were out late Fri night then you might get car

  • blondie

    How boring can it be to d2d on a weekday morning when everyone is off to work except sick old ladies and sleeping nightworkers.

    So the schedule is

    1/2 hour d2d

    1/2 hour rvs (it is best to plan them far apart from each other)

    45 minute coffee break

    1/4 hours rvs (so you can count the coffee break)

    I got so tired of this that I refused to meeting with the group....boy I got blasted for that.

    Blondie (telephone witnessing)

  • Calliope

    i was thinking, after nearly a year of not reporting service time and nearly a year of absenteeism from the meetings, i leaving the service overseer a message with my field service time.

    "hey bro. so-and-so,

    i don't think you called for my service time, so i thought i leave you a message. i got 13 hours in service, but unfortunately no placements as i don't have any publications."

  • Confession

    LOL, Calliope. I'm trying to understand why you'd wanna do that.

  • Highlander

    99% of Witnesses, though, are just watching the clock and dragging their feet like 20 year Teamsters.

    Very much like Teamsters union, without the benefits though.

  • Calliope

    i was thinking it would be fun because they would probably freak out that this inactive girl was going out in service teaching who knows what... imagine how fun that would be! that's what i was thinking. wanna be my service partner? we'll stop for coffee every 20 minutes, and sit in the car for an hour talking. just like old times. yes yes!!!!

  • Mysterious

    Geez we were never allowed to count our coffee time here. I always hoped for RVs since I never had any so it meant I could sit back while other people did the calls. I tried to do as few doors as possible even when I was 17 though my mom was always trying to guilt me into it. I played off being shy a lot and avoided having to work with other people.

  • Forscher

    Ah the wonderful mysteries of field service time!
    How else do you think all those hours get counted while precisely nothing gets accomplished? Its simple. folks are quite creative in finding ways to count field service time. Think about it, all those JW trolls who so self-righteously tells us how bitter, dishonest, and lost for all eternity we are count all that time they spend humting and pecking their little lunacies out as field service time! Don't you just love it?
    I know they'll deny it. And I know bOrg officially discourages it. But hey, they've got to put that time in some way so that they can become elders! It sure beats going door to door1

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