Will my relationship survive if we are unevenly yoked.

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  • LDH
    We made the mistake of fornicating and we produced a child from it. We care about each other dearly.

    Hmmm....is he a German Shepherd or a sheep?

    If you are both human beings that have similar interest, ethics and morals, you would not be unevenly yoked.

    There was no mistake. You are both adults over the age of consent. You had sex and had a baby. Get over it. It's been happening for MILLENIA. If you are providing a happy and healthy home for your child, God doesn't care whether you have a marriage certificate. Sure, God performed the first wedding by presenting the woman to the man and saying, "Here's your property, take good care of it!"

    Ideas have changed--don't get stuck in a life of inner turmoil from believing you are a damned sinner. (sorry for the pun)....



  • Fleur

    Please, please research the religion before you go any further. Sounds like you have a real shot at a happy life with the husband of your child (who is certainly not the result of a 'mistake'!) Don't let this narrowminded religious view mess up your future.

    Do your homework, and read all the posts in this thread over and over. The picture that the JW's paint for you may look pretty now; but it's all window dressing; smoke and mirrors. There is no 'truth' behind it and there is no substance.

    Live your life with the man you love and be happy. Faith should add to your life, not take away from it, if you're going to have faith.

    Don't deprive your child of the chance at their two parents being happy together for the sake of the say-so of a group of men. Please.

    Welcome to the forum.



  • Spectrum

    I think we came down hard on JWs and scared her off.

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