Will my relationship survive if we are unevenly yoked.

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  • Finally-Free

    If you are interested in truth the Watchtower cult is the last place where it can be found. And if you continue with the cult anyway please protect your kids from child molesters. There are many of them in the Watchtower cult.


  • Spectrum

    It sounds like you are both in love, I'd go with love not this Organisation, that's all it is, an organisation of people who believe in their interpretation of their bible. Over the last two years I lost a couple of women that I really cared for and I tell you it's hard. Finding someone you click with is not easy, there might be plenty of fish in the sea but most of them will not be compatible.
    One other thing, stop calling it the "truth", they have made so many false prophecies that you actually have to laugh when they call every other religions the disgusting harlot.

  • parakeet

    The kindest thing you can do for this man is to not attempt to bind him to an intolerant and cruel religion.
    The kindest thing you can do for your children is to not raise them to be outcasts in school and in life (they will suffer, I promise you. I speak from experience).
    The kindest thing you can do for yourself is to thoroughly educate yourself about JW beliefs (the negatives as well as the positives) and get out of the cult as soon as you can.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    You, as a Mother, should be more concerned with your cfhildren being raised in cult. Are you ready to stop them from enjoying their childhoods? Are you going to force them to go out in "field service" 10 hours a week, as a JW mother is required to do? If you LOVE you children, tell me why you would subject them to being WIERDOS to the rest of their class/playmates?

    As you know, you can do *whatever* you want to, but before you make a move that involves your children, PLEASE read more posts on here, and then come back and tell US why you would subject your children to this. Why would you put them in a place that pedophiles run free?


  • greendawn

    The JWs are an isolationist group with many strange ideas about the world beyond their organisation, and they normally don't intermarry with outsiders. At the end of the day they are a cult and no one should just rush to become part of them. It needs a lot of thought.

    On the other hand the father accepting his full responsibility is a positive thing.

  • moanzy

    I am married to an unbeliever. Although I have since left the witnesses, part of the reason was because of the pressure to choose between what was good for my children and family and what the witness organization wanted.

    You must understand that if you marry this guy that you will alway have to answer to the elders before your own husband. Because he isn't a baptised member your husbands interests will need to be second to any demand of the elders. Your children will also be taught to be subject to the elders before their own father.

    It became painfully difficult to keep my family together and stay a witness. My choices were to divide my family and have God's favor or keep my family together and die in armageddon.

    It is an impossible situation. My mother and father seperated and divorced because of the witness beliefs. It was a difficult upbringing and one that I see as totally unnecessary. Our family was broken apart because it was not compatible with the watchtower society. What may have been a stable and loving environment for raising children became a horrible nightmare that we may never recover totally from.

    Please think about what is better for your children and yourself---Not what the witnesses proclaim God wants. They may be terribly wrong and they are playing with peoples lives here. You cannot redo the lives of your children. If you make a decision about your life and your childrens lives according to an organizations requirements, you will be terribly disappointed. Only you should be making this decision.


  • jgnat

    Sit down with him and make a list of beliefs that you have in common. How will you raise the children? How about health care/blood transfusions? Will he pray at meals? How about attending some meetings or going to the conventions?

    If much of your beliefs are in common, how can you consider yourself "unequally yoked?" If you get baptized, however, the Watchtower Society will make it very clear that you cannot marry this man. So I suggest you hold off baptism, and marry the father of your children. That way, in the eyes of the society and by your own agreement, you are not "unequally yoked." I suspect your study leader will not be very happy about this, as it may delay your eventual baptism for six months or more. Also, there will be a lot of pressure put to bear on bringing your man in to the society as well.

    I wish you would take a break from your studies and take a broader view of your beliefs and your future. The JW's do a great sales job, but underneath they have as many problems as any other congregation. The father of your child might have the right idea.

  • jgnat

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  • jgnat

    By the way, I am a regular Christian married to a Jehovah's Witness. We have a lot in common, in my opinion, more than we have apart. The society was not very happy when they found out we were married. I receive a lot of encouragement to join the Kingdom Hall, but I am content in my own faith.

  • Swan

    Welcome SJ ohnson333 !

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