Why did I answer YES ?

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  • Free

    Did anyone answer the question like I did ? and why did you ? did you really believe it ,or was it something else ? My gut always said no but my heart said yes. I wanted to believe in living forever like in those dam pictures, I wanted to be building those houses and hanging out with people on grassy mountain sides and have a freaking lion that would never rip my head off and that I could wrestle with. I never fully believed though that these guys from Brooklyn had some crystal ball and everything they said or suggested was gold, but I did have faith in this new world . Did anyone else feel this way or close and why the hell did I say YES ? I had years to think about it before I got baptized.

  • MinisterAmos

    Shoot Dude did you DF? You were going to receive the fruitage of the Spirit by being given the privilege of burying those 6.5 Billion corpses while the rest of us lazed around.

    After you're done hurry up and tear out those roads. Don't you know that there aren't any roads in Paradise?

  • sass_my_frass

    I specifically remember thinking 'it sounds like a fantasy, but everybody I know believes it, so I might as well get on the train. If I give it enough effort and time I'll believe it too'

  • runningrussianboy

    It might have been the 50k people staring at you. Thats what did it for me.

  • jwfacts

    Welcome Free.

    I was 16, and a life time of indoctrination made me believe it was true. That is probably the story for half those baptised as so many are ones that have been raised by the Borg. When I got to about 18 and was pioneering i started to feel guilty that if I convert someone they may end up worse off than they were. I don't know why I kept in full time service for another 7 years regardless.

    My question is what was it about my parents that made them suceptible to conversion.

  • under_believer

    I think you answered your own question. It's a delicious-looking carrot they're hanging out there on the end of their fishing line. It's just that when you get up close you realize it's a wax vegetable.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    One time someone yelled out No.

    Smart person.

    Why did I say yes? What other choice was there???

    Can't recall how much enthusiasm I put into it however.


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I don't have it on me but one of the latest magazines (July 1st I think) actually mentions that parents don't force their kids to become JW. It goes as far as to say that 'in the world' parents aren't ridiculed for teaching their kids there is no God, or wanting them to be Catholic. I guess people have been coming down hard on JWs teaching their kids this stuff and making them get baptized, why else would something strange like this be in the mags. If somebody could find that quote that would be great.

  • katiekitten

    I believed it all wholeheartedly. I was indoctrinated all my life.

    one of the latest magazines (July 1st I think) actually mentions that parents don't force their kids to become JW

    Hmmmm. Not in so much as you arent forced to get baptised with a gun to your head. But the thought of eternal death, cutting off from your family and disapproval from the almighty is pretty persuadive when you are 15.

    My partner cant understand why I didnt kick it into touch as soon as I was 16. He says "didnt you smell the coffee? I would have. Didnt it all sound like bullshit?? I would have been out as soon as I could have'.

    How can you explain indoctrination to someone who has never been even mildly compelled to believe anything?

  • Sweetp0985

    I know exactly why I said yes...wanted to make my damn parents and other family that was dubs happy. I never wanted to get baptized...never wanted to pioneer...just did it all to keep them off my damn back...I've been free now for almost 10yrs. I've been asked many times what's one of the things you regret most in your life...and #1 on the list was getting baptized....

    I've seen personally so many "young" ones around my age group that was out there living it up, having the time of their lives, even my step-sister and mind you she was around the dubs much longer than i was.but never got baptized..(smart girl actually)but she had children without being married and was welcomed back open armed by everyone...but no lil ole me got the big D so I have 666 written across my forehead......Yes I'm very bitter about it and always will be..damn people screwed up my life....

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