Do antidepressants really work? or placibo?

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    Dr. Jekyll, That sounds exactly like Bipolar Disorder. Antidepressants alone are not usually the answer for that. They are for depression. Bipolar ppl usually need mood stabilizers; antidepressants on their own can trigger a mood swing to the other extreme.

    Stories like that are really great examples of why it's important to find a super-competent psychiatrist who does the appropriate screenings to get someone on the right medicine (or no medicine, whatever is best).

    However, even the best physicians can't totally prevent someone from getting the wrong diagnosis/treatment if the patient is unable or unwilling to provide full/accurate psychiatric history.

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  • Worldly

    I think Little Toe got it right when he said that most people don't think twice about getting medical help for physical illness, but when mental health is involved there is a huge stigma attached. Some things that weren't mentioned above (unless I missed them)--exercise has been proven to help with depression--a simple walk or something more. And, depression is often eased by a combination of anti-depressants and talk therapy, with a qualified therapist. It all depends on how seriously depressed you are feeling - if you are weepy, or angry all the time, or having thoughts of suicide--seek professional medical help immediately!

    If it doesn't seem that serious, you may wish to try some of the other suggestions first, but if your feelings continue for more than a few weeks, you should probably see a doctor.

    Good luck--I'm sending positive thoughts to you!

  • Mysterious

    The answer yes and no. Antidepressants work by correcting a chemical imbalance. If your depression is caused by a chemical imbalance then medication will help in most cases. However they are not some magic cure all and I feel like a lot of drugs these days they are overprescribed.

    First of all you need to realize unlike what the elders espouse that being depressed is not your fault. Therefore there is no reason to feel weak about being depressed or being treated for it. I know there is a lot of stigma in our society attached to things like depression or other mental health issues but there should not be. It can happen to anyone and the important thing is to take care of yourself and get help. I can't think of anything to be prouder of than taking care of yourself. You'd be proud if you took good care of your best friend right? So be proud to take care of yourself and that starts by having a positive attitude instead of labelling yourself weak.

    Second look into mental health clinics in your area, some of them have programs that can help you get the treatment you need. It may be that they can't help you with the drugs but they might be able to get you some free counselling or other support services it never hurts to ask what is available.

    Third something a doctor once told me when I stubbornly wasn't taking pain meds for a neck that was so sore I would cry when I turned it "Nothing will come of nothing" (A quote from King Lear). If you don't get treatment it's going to help either. However it may be that medication is not needed in your case I would advise you to as I said investigate mental health clinics or counselling services in your area. Are you in school? Many schools have free counselling available, some employers do as well as part of new employee health initiatives. The important thing is to talk to someone and find out what can be done to help you whether that be medication or something else.

  • jwfacts

    I am not normally into any medication, even for headaches, and have only ever had one course of antibiotics in my life. But when i was going through the disfellowshipping procedure I was really starting to flip out so went on Aropax. It settled me down and I really felt like I used to feel back when i was a happy go lucky teenager. Proof that it is having a real affect was that it also made things last a looooottt longer in my sex life. :)

    I have been on it for 6 months and loving life so decided to stop taking them, but am a bit worried how I will feel afterwards, so have cut the dose right down first, and still feel great.

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