Why have I Received More P.M.'S Here Than..................................

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  • delilah

    Hmmm, maybe it's the new love....."apostAGAPE".....snicker...

  • Warlock


    You want a story. I'll give you a story before I get off this computer today.

    When I was about 19 or 20, I sent for some books on Withchcraft and Telekinesis, plus some others. Now I'm new to all this stuff, and I'm kind of skeptial. So, in one of the books it talks about getting in touch with your spirit guides and all that. So, I'm going "yeah, right".

    I came into contact with a girl one night when I was out with my cousin and she told me what city she lived in, which was adjacent to the city my cousin lived in. She was from out of state and her car had out of state licence plates. The next night, I asked to be directed to her home and I was. Her car was right in front of this home. I had never been to this adjacent city before. I was alone, my cousin was not with me.

    I didn't knock on her door, but the next time I saw her, which was about 2 weeks later, I told her her address and what her place looked like. I thought she was going to faint. She asked me how I knew and I told her I have ways, but I never told her how I found it.

    Caution: Please do not try this at home. I do not recommend it.

    Warlock (no longer in the "field")


  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Because people here seem to genuinely care and they care about you as a person, not how many hours you've done this month or who you're associating with.

    The Elders, they're just in it to look good in front of the CO and really couldn't give a toss if you stayed or went

  • MsMcDucket
  • Swan

    I suspect that you have cast a spell upon us! We are normally not this nice.


  • wednesday

    speaking of spells, there has been a full moon last 2 nights. i was out both nights soaking up a moon tan.

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