Why have I Received More P.M.'S Here Than..................................

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  • Warlock

    Why have I received more p.m.'s here than visits, or even phone calls from anyone in our Cong. including the elders?


  • slimboyfat

    Apostate love bomb?

  • arwen

    Because most of us are sharing the same road in our lives...exjw's and also because we love unconditionally.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan
    Apostate love bomb?

    To funny!
    The real reason is because many on this site are dedicated to helping other people live through this expierance. If people don't support each other like what goes on here organizations (or people) who run like the WTS will allways win.

  • under_believer

    Top 10 reasons:

    1. Because JWD is a very loving congregation.
    2. Because over the internet, we can't be put off by your undoubtedly horrible disfiguring condition and hair-curling halitosis. ;)
    3. Because your elders are too busy interrogating 16 year old girls, in private, about whether or not the boy actually touched their bunny rabbit.
    4. Because the elders in your congregation do not have the rock-climbing gear or helicopter necessary to reach your remote mountain abode.
    5. Because you gotta represent, homey!
    6. Because the release of the recent Harry Potter film have kept your elders extremely busy stamping out new Wicca covens made up entirely of tweenage girls who were formerly homeschooled regular pioneers.
    7. Because your entire hall is eating, drinking, marrying, and being given in marriage. And they are taking no note.
    8. Because your area has a Prozac shortage. And that *jerk* means *twitch* that they don't *spaz* have the bandwidth *glaven*.
    9. Elder: Now, where do you live again, Brother... um.... Brother... Schmarlock? Gwarlock?
    10. Because your behavior has had a notable lack of sexual deviance. Try autofellating yourself and then posting the pictures on your Myspace. That'll have 'em knocking your door down.
  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    we don't care

    • what you believe,
    • who you are rleated to, or
    • how often you pray,
    • go to meetings or
    • get out on service

    We do care that

    • you may need support or
    • a friendly ear, or
    • someone has read something you posted and simply wants to reach out and let you know.
  • daystar

    Because sitting at my desk and typing out a PM is a lot easier than pulling on my suit and gathering the horde to come knock on your door. If the WBTS suddesnly decided to get fully behind email access for all, you might see a difference. But that will never happen. It leaves too much of a paper trail.

  • Warlock


    Yeah, I had that "Brother, what's your name again?" from an elder. I guess that was his way of saying "We miss you".


  • wednesday

    I think you are getting PM's b/c you have this really cool screenname and many of us are just fascinated with the psychic and the wiccan religion and hope you will tell us some cool stories.

  • mouthy

    Its because we LOVE !!!! we dont care who you are -what religion you are,-what color you Are- WHAT COUNTRY YOU CAME FROM OR ARE IN( oops I didnt know the capital was on )....We love UNCONDITIONALLY!!!!!!

    Because WE to was loved conditionally & that love STINKS!!!!!

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