English Soccer. Will England win the world cup?

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    The simple answer is no. But I had a funny text from an Irish friend that said the following:

    "The Govt has done a survey on the size of an English Penis. And has asked anyone with a penis less than 3 inches to signify this by flying a white flag with a red cross on thier vehicle"

    Come on England show the world what you have.

    My view is that England will just abouty reach the last 8

  • eyeslice


  • south african beef
    south african beef

    Obvious jealousy from your Irish friend me thinks - they are not even participating are they?

    Despite my alias I am English through and through and I would be delighted if we win - after the first match we still have a lot to improve on but you never know, I think we will get close. Brazil on the tv in 15 minutes so must watch them.



    I think you are correct, a little jealousy from the Irish. I was Amsterdam at the weekend and the Scots were wearing Parquay footie shirts.

  • Number 6
    Number 6

    Speaking as a totally unbiased Scot...

    Top 3 but would be surprised if they win.

    Scotland won the world cup in 1978, but no-one noticed... we just had the party at Hampden before we went.

    (I dogged the meeting that night to see the first game in Argentina! :-o

    P.S What i mean is i just didnt go to the meeting and stayed home to watch it on TV. I didnt actually go to Argentina!

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    I hope not, its been bad enough living here among them having them bleating on and On about winning the Rugby and the Cricket, I couldn't bare to hear all that boasting about the world cup.

    Why do the English treat international football matches like "extra time" in a war. The English love playing anyone they've been at war with. Your average English football fan organisms at the thought of an England / Germany / Argentina play off.

  • stevenyc

    No, so far the best team has been Argentina.


  • brutusmaximus

    Please God no, they have been bleating on about it for 40 years we can't take anymore, John Motson the unbias BBC guy is the worst

    They will need to do alot better next time out, I mean they haven't even scored a goal of their own yet


  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

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  • ballistic

    We're playing Trinidad and Tobago at 17.00 GMT on Thursday. I mean, we must be pretty damn good to take on two teams at the same time!

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