I hate going to the meetings!

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  • people pleaser
    people pleaser

    I absolutley hated going to meetings. Especially when I had to read the watchtower or read at the book study or carry the mike or work the sound. The whole shaving, suit, missing football games and tv shows or just drinking a beer after work. Since I left I found there are so many more things I can do instead of going to meetings.


  • Suzie

    I think everyone hates going to the meetings from time to time no matter how active you are or are not. What I don't understand is why my elders call me out of the blue sometimes to ask me to go out in service with them if I have not been to the hall in so long! If I haven't attended meetings in so long, why would I want to go door to door!? I obviously have changed! My friends are finally seeing that. I just resently confessed to the girl that helped teach me JWism that I have stopped believing in the things they teach. They get you into this friend trap it seems! They hypnotize you in a way that it seems so hard to leave.

    @[email protected] We are your friends, we miss you! Join us! Come to our meetings and you will be happy too! You can live forever too! What if I don't care about living forever anymore, I wanna just be happy doing things I wanna do the way I wanna do em.

  • Warlock

    Some people can't stop going, because it will cause too many problems with their families. They probably had enough trauma dealing with everyone as they faded in their door to door work.


  • misspeaches

    Sometimes I have a dream that I have gone to the meeting. That is bad enough!

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    "I am not an active Witness and I still go to meetings."

    So, you're not even a JW, and yet you still feel you have to go to the meetings even though you don't want to? Man, you're gonna make a great Witness for the Watchtower. Your not even a JW yet, and already they got you guilt tripped out. LOL! Take my advice and stopped going now! You'll never have the intestinal fortitude to not go to the meetings after you become a JW, if you can't stop now.

  • AuldSoul

    <cough>Ahem, if I may interject, it seems from the posts I have cobbled together that sbf was in fact an Active JW at one time but is currently Inactive (if not DF'd) (<--- if this is only Irregular, please correct me, sbf).

    See, from what sbf writes here it seem there is still a draw to the JW "scene" if you will. But reasons for going could be many: Family may continue to associate on the basis that sbf is seen as progressing or at least trying to do God's Willâ„¢ (All Rights Reserved, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc.). Meeting attendance is a mandatory minimal show of effort.

    Given the content of the first post on this thread, a "show" is all it is. If someone hates preparing for and going to meetings and yet they do it anyway, they are not doing it willingly. They feel compelled to do it, obliged.


    Is it because of Hebrews 10:24, 25 that you attend their meetings? I am incredibly curious about your motivations for apologism and meeting attendance.


    Just stay home. Nobody cares!

    Not entirely true.. if its right before a CO visit the elders care.

  • grissom6471

    Misantropic, It is sad that there are so many faithless people here. But the meetings are for our good. Sure it is difficult, but what alternative is there? Another Duh.

  • Lapuce
    Misantropic, It is sad that there are so many faithless people here. But the meetings are for our good. Sure it is difficult, but what alternative is there? Another Duh.

    What are you trying to prove grissmon??? Alot do have faith here, at least not from a bunch of old farts from Brooklyn that are turning senile.


    Grissom why dont you let the elders in your congregation know that you post here when you go to the meeting. I am curious to see WT conditional love in action!

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