Do You Think "Apostates" Are All A Bunch of Whiners?

by minimus 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • eyeslice

    If you have been damaged then you have the right to whine a little.

  • BluesBrother

    Maybe it is all that "gnashing of teeth & weeping" that does it - as foretold by the great Watchtower, if you leave the happy home

    In fact I see more humour and joy of life here than ever was or is the case among those dubs that I knew could speak their mind - the family. it was full of complaints and moans about the elders and the congregation. They can see that it does not meet the high standard that it claims for itself so the conclusion has to be that it is just our congregation that is lacking - the rest of them must be wonderful , just like the demo's at the Assembly.

    Lets discount the pasted on smiles and enforced politeness at the Kingdom Hall. They are like sales people who have to keep up the image.

    (Does that count as a winge, a whine, or an astute observation? - lets call it the latter)

  • grissom6471

    Yes, apostates are whiners and No you do not speak the truth.

  • carla

    Doesn't it make jw's think? Here are people from all different parts of the world with the same complaints, often the same basic stories, same (bad) experiences. Funny, they believe every story in the media about people who have been politically persecuted (made into refugees, etc..) yet cannot see that the numbers of exjw's who can and do make the same claims (jw) should show that there is a problem within the entire org?

    grissom, do you think people who have been raped as children should just be quiet about it? Just let the rapist and molesters continue? Shall we send the children you love to them? Should people not warn others about the dangers of this org? What they do to families, marriages and lives? People who have had loved ones die due to medical policies of the wt only to change later should just be quiet about it?

    Much of the world could not believe the reports coming out of Germany about the death camps when they first started either, that is the mental camp you are in.

  • Hellrider
    Yes, apostates are whiners and No you do not speak the truth.

    Well, why are you here then?

  • AuldSoul

    Yes. It's always, "We have too many meetings," or "I just gave a talk!" or "I raised my hand five times at the Watchtower study and no one called on me."

    Those darned apostates are all a bunch of whiners. I mean, really what they are is a mushed up amalgam of malcontents from other religions, right? Or the children of malcontents?


  • minimus

    AuldSoul, you correctly identify all potential future apostates....Very good!

  • katiekitten
    For every 50 times I hear at the Kingdom Hall a complaint about another religion or an attack on somebody elses faith without somebody even being their to defend their position I ask you...


    Exactly. On the rare occasions that I speak to my JW cousin I am forcefully reminded that the dubs favourite conversation piece or door opener is the "AINT IT AWFUL" argument.

    Pick ANY topic, then follow with an 'aint it awful' whine...

    drugs... aint it awful
    global warming ...aint it awful
    price of bread...aint it awful

    They capitalise on doom mongering, with the end promise that God/Santa?the Tooth Fairy will make it all better.

    When I spoke to my cousin the 'awful' she began on was something really pathetic like bread being all white 'these days' (another phrase I hate - like every other period in time had it sorted but its just gone right down hill in the last few years) instead of brown and healthy. And sure enough, Jehovah was on hand to make it all alright in the end...

  • minimus

    JWs aren't whiners. They're just negative bastards.

  • Nadsam

    I'm a proud apostate and a whino

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