Bethelites released not because of cost cutting

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  • ocsrf

    This is the official line that was given. I did not hear this myself from a speaker but got it second hand, and those who are faithful believe it.

    So far 350 have been asked to leave, one couple with as much as 30 years full time service with most of it at bethel.


  • Mystery

    Just "throwing people to the curb", which speaks so highly on brotherly love.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    OC: Did they give a reason for why they were being released if it wasn't due to cost-cutting?


  • fullofdoubtnow
    This is the official line that was given

    Was it now? I personally wouldn't put too much creedence on the "official line" from the wts any more, not after the "official line" for joining the UN was to obtain a library card. We all know that was largely bs, and I wouldn't doubt that this is as well.

  • ocsrf
    OC: Did they give a reason for why they were being released if it wasn't due to cost-cutting?


    Cog, What I heard was that it had to do with sending experienced people to the field to bolster up the congregations. Also, many are relying on the generosity of the friends to help them find cheap housing and the like. To me it all sounds dishonest and a bunch of nonsense, but those who still believe everything the GB says is from Jehovah, they can't even imagine that these guys would say anything but the honest to goodness truth. I think the discovery of some things that I knew not to be the exact truth made me start questioning many other things that were said. I would hope this latest action will wake up some of the most faithful, but, I won't hold my breath. OC

  • Jourles

    There was a thread a little while ago which talked about a "sister" who was suing the WTS over workman's compsensation. After researching the NY state workman's comp website, I noticed that certain clergy positions could be exempt from WC. What I wonder now is if the WTS will officially start giving bethel workers "titles" which state what they do and if these titles will generally fall under those positions that are exempt from WC.(I know they have titles, but I meant in an official, corporate way) With the average age of bethel workers rising, the chances of a slip-and-fall occuring is getting greater.

    I think the idea of them laying off workers due to "cost-cutting" isn't true. As it is, they get paid pennies a day. Food is another pennies a day expense. Rooming has been paid for since the buildings were first built. Electricity and water are not that large of an expense either. But in my business book, if a few hundred workers are only there because they have been there for many years, so what? Get rid of them if they serve no function to help in bringing in money.

    Cost-cutting through layoffs is a minute track to getting back into the black. The real issue was probably the WC angle.

  • Mary
    Bethelites released not because of cost cutting

    Riight. And the donation arrangement didn't come into existence to avoid paying taxes either.

    How dumb do they think people are?

  • Finally-Free

    It makes sense for bethel to downsize. Fewer people are converting to JWism. In spite of the number of magazines printed, I'm sure most of them go unread, and just end up in the trash. Also, reducing the number of people in bethel would also reduce the number of potential leaks of information that could prove scandalous. Having fewer people there makes it easier for those in "authority" to tighten their grip.


  • greendawn

    This organisation proved time and again that it relies and thrives on deception just like any other daughter of Babylon and all their utterings are untrustworthy, the WTS does not just lie it is itself a gross lie.

  • metatron

    As to these denials, what else is new?

    I recall when the Society split up into nine or so corporations, official denials - that the Society was reacting to potential lawsuits -

    were made. I knew better from a Bethelite ( who lamented that they didn't want a half senile GB member on the witness stand)

    and a District Overseer, who let it slip in a talk.

    Has anyone reasoned that this matter is a huge "unkept" secret in the organization, that no one wants to admit?

    here it is: they are running out of money because the friends aren't contributing the way they used to!


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