any of you been treated like this?

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  • bluebeads

    I'd have to say at least 80% of JW's in my area are related in some way or another...Kinda makes me feel sick thinking about it. Talk about reproductive anomalies with the gene pool getting so concentrated...

    Anyways I've noticed that families such as immigrant families or "new" ones who are not related at all to anyone are pretty much left out. I know family is family... but in the truth isn't every one a "brother" or a "sister". Where is that unity they talk about? Maybe it's shown at international conventions but certainly not in my congregation.

    My point is they've all formed their little cliques and are all comfy with their cousins and "widening out"

    I guess what i'm trying to say is that if Armageddon is true and it does come...NOBODY especially JW's are going to make it (except for infants) b/c the way the org. puts it in writing... isn't everyone a huge ass hypocrite ?

    i guess i'm just bitter.

  • TooOpinionated

    That describes my old congregation to a T. Sad to think that it is everywhere. It was a HUGE peeve of mine.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings bluebeads,

    : but in the truth isn't every one a "brother" or a "sister".

    As it's been said before. The above quote is a teaching of dubs, but it's NOT a practice.

    :isn't everyone a huge ass hypocrite ?

    In my experience, (just like you) the answer is a resounding yes.


  • Fleur

    yes, they are. And yes, it is creepy, the inbreeding.

    My family is so huge and so many generations in the religion that we are, quite literally, in some way related to someone in most of the congregations in our district and several districts in different states.

    Very, very creepy.

    hugs for's so tough being the only one in your family who gets it...believe me I know. I am the only one in mine and it can be maddening...keep talking it's the best thing to be with people who understand your struggles.



  • Highlander

    Hey Fleur,

    I think we're related. My family is huge, consists of about 5 generations of j-dubs and is related to everyone!!!

    Are we cousins?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    There were quite a few large family groups in my old hall, brothers and sisters, their spouses, kids, cousins. Around a third of the cong were related to each other in some way. They were somewhat cliquey there as well. If it hadn't been for the kindness of one or two when I first attended, I might not have joined.

    Nowadays, I sometimes look back and wish those ones had kept quiet!

  • LovesDubs

    When I first got involved with the Dubs I was single and soooo worldly. At least by their definition. Having been married and divorced twice, and at the time I had been modeling in the early 80s and so would wear high heels (and Im 5'9" without those!) and bright form fitting clothes and the women all immediately got their neck hair up around me. I was pretty much on the outs for most of the first couple of years until I got engaged to a brother and was "off the market". The thing I noticed immediately tho was that even congregations that shared a HALL were cliquish against each OTHER! One congregation would bring in flower arrangements and someone in the other congregation would move or RE-move them the same day. One congregation would clean the hall and the other would RE-clean it complaining all the while about how the other congregation didnt have a clue how to clean. Also there were black members in a predominantly white congregation and I always felt from the one black elder that we had that he was a "token" and he obviously felt that he was too as his talks and prayers were often sprinkled with references to Jehovah not seeing colors and loving everyone and that the brothers could use HELP being more like Jehovah in this regard. He eventually left with his family with much much ado over the situation because he had had it with the descrimination and those jerks badmouthed that poor brother to the middle of next week. It all made me sick. Yep...the signs were there from the get go. But we all "left it in Jehovahs hands."

  • buffalosrfree

    Sounds like you are talking about the Spring Valley, Ca congregation in the 90"s. The congregations in CA i have found at least are very cliquish. If you aren't in the clique, you don't exist outside of the hall, they say hi in the hall at assemblies etc. but anything other than that they don't know you. typical of a lot of congregations we have attended.

  • Fleshybirdfodder

    I grew up in a small town up North, and if you weren't one of the good ol' boys, fo'geddabout it. The amount of nepotism I saw in congregations in terms of appointments, "privileges", and sweeping little indiscretions under the carpet would curl your toes.


  • under_believer

    Absolutely. My congregation has one big family group that is very cliquish. Every congregation (or most of them) have this same situation.
    And I hope it continues, because this is the biggest issue that bothers my still-faithful wife the most. I plan to exploit it to help get her out. :)

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