Acknowledging the opposition within: Small number of JW's disgruntled

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  • truthseeker

    This in regard to Mary's post of the July 15, WT "See the Goodness of Jehovah's Organization"

    There have been a number of important and exciting developments in the Society during the first half of 2006. Firstly, a large number of Bethelites are being evicted (I wonder if the

    scenes are reminiscent of Big Brother where you get voted off). The vitriolic rhetoric towards apostates and higher education has increased in talks at conventions and in WT aticles.

    A "very small number" of God's people, high up in the organization are providing food at the proper time to doubting and disgruntled Witnesses, consisting of BOE letters, District

    Convention talk outlines and the Branch Manual. Among the "very small number of God's people" are elders and ministerial servants who attend the Kingdom Ministry School which

    takes place every two years or so.

    Barbara Anderson has produced a number of highly informative articles about life at Bethel and the actions of various GB members, along with exposing the false doctrine called

    the "Nethinim" or "given ones."

    The Society, already in damage control mode, has successfully shut down two exJW sites - Quotes, and another one, whose name I forget. However, the exJW movement is like

    mythical Hydra, a monster with many heads - cut off one and you still have several more. The Watchtower Society is reactionary - it will only change in response to being backed into

    a corner.

    With this change comes even more vitriolic attacks against those who "expose" the "earthly part of Jehovah's Organization" - it has been said that at least one member of the GB

    mentioned they should discard everything and just start again. I am sure there are those in Bethel who know the whole organization is just a farce, but they have invested their lives in the

    institution and are not about to bite the hand that feeds them.

    The damage control is in high gear - they now acknowledge that "a very small number of God's people" are disgruntled. I find this an interesting statement.

    Firstly, they are "God's people" - not disfellowshipped apostates or disassociated ones

    The phrase "a very small number" - could be interpreted as below ten OR it could be 'theocratic warfare' used to minimise the real number of homegrown opposers they already have

    in the organization.

    This is a significant statement - they have cut short of saying that "the very small number of God's people who are disgruntled" are organised in any way, thereby giving the impression

    that these disgruntled ones work alone.

    As on this board, we have seen requests for documents, quotes etc, soon to be followed by requested items. This board is organized in a way, but loosely. There are those working

    towards reform, no matter how impossible it may seem. There are those who are high up in the organization working for change, exposing dangerous policies and providing the JW

    community with insider information. These tireless workers have to live a double life to please family and friends, and sometimes to maintain the status quo for their own peace of mind.

    Yes, the day has come when the Society has acknowledged - in limited terms - a number of active witnesses who are voicing their concerns over false teachings, flip-flopping doctines

    and child abuse cover-ups.

    In order to maintain absolute theocratic authority, the dicatatorship has rashly shot itself in the foot - by saying that "Jehovah is in complete control of his organization and that Jesus

    is aware of developments in each congregation" they have crossed the thin line that separates foolish talk from incriminating damage - if Jehovah and Jesus are in complete control,

    then why are all these terrible situations allowed to happen? Why does God permit suffering - within the organization? Why does God permit wickedness - within the organization?

    Thus, the Society have only contributed towards weaker ones already wavering faith in "Jehovah's protection"

    Watch this space - I have a feeling that things are moving in ways the Society does not expect - they consider themselves in the seat of Jehovah's chariot, but that chariot has no driver.

  • Synergy

    VERY GOOD POST! Well thought out and encouraging.

  • truthseeker

    Thanks Synergy!

  • Highlander

    they consider themselves in the seat of Jehovah's chariot, but that chariot has no driver.

    At one point we had a drunken driver(rutherford)

    now we've got a driverless chariot, that's heading downhill with failed brakes and steering.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Truthseeker, that was a very good post! I like what you said about the driverless chariot, the kool thing is that whether you decide to give it a little push or just get the hell out of the way, IT'S GONNA CRASH ANYWAY!!!!!!

    IC (of the I think I'lle give it a little push class)

  • Shazard

    I like to bee around when WT falls appart and witness it. Interesting who will be the rats first to abandon the ship?

  • moanzy

    You know I would love nothing more than to see this organization go down.

    But I can also picture my mom closing her eyes like a small child and saying "it's not happening, not happening...nope not happening"


  • mkr32208
    But I can also picture my mom closing her eyes like a small child and saying "it's not happening, not happening...nope not happening"

    I can picture too many just eating a bullet... Scary stuff!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Excellent post. I doubt the org will totally crash, not for quite a while anyway, but I can see an increasing number of people leaving in the near future, and I doubt the wts can do anything to stop it. JWs, even long - termers, are seeing the wts for what it really is and leaving.

  • AuldSoul

    If they can't keep recruiting more than they lose, they die. Already they are doing tricks to massage the numbers of publishers they have, and we know for sure the reports show quite a few doorbell screw pushers who still report 10-15 hours monthly.

    They are suffering losses in the most economically rich nations, both in people and in donations. Comparisons to other religions who have large "flocks" in third world countries ignores the fact that this organization teaches people that the most important thing they can do with their time and life is preach. It doesn't matter which nation you look to, Jehovah's Witnesses will be below average wage earners compared with the rest of the population just because of this mindset.

    The WTS is not reaping millions of dollars from Nigeria.

    They know it is almost over, they can sense it. They don't have a clue what to do about it. They probably have convinced themselves that the demise of the organization will signal Armageddon's nearness. It will come upon all opposers soooooooooooooooooon!!

    Their prophecies have failed. Every single one. None of them have come true. And now there are plenty of people educating themselves about Jehovah's Witnesses. I know more about the history of this organization than I could have possibly hoped to glean if I left in 1970.


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