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  • yaddayadda

    These murmuring articles are great, especially the Society's comment about 'treachery' within. A lot of JW's will be curious about this comment. Many of them absolutely love to murmur and gossip about whats going on in the organisation and congregations, the latest development, some juicy or scandalous news. Many of them after reading these articles will pick up that something is amiss in the organisation and wonder 'what on earth is being murmured about....what's this talk about 'treachery'..' and they will start to ask around, desperate to find out what all the gossip is about....sooner or later some disgruntled member of the congregation will mention the UN scandal, child abuse scandal, etc, etc. These articles will also help tip over the edge those who are fed-up and on the edge of the organisation, looking for a reason to leave. The articles give them motivation to get onto the internet to find out whats going on behind the scenes...

    Nice job Watchtower of shooting yourself in the foot! More articles like this please to stir the rank and file's curiosity!

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore
    Par 17: .....if we were to become habitual murmurers, we would be putting at risk our relationship with Jehovah God. (translation: you speak bad about the GB and you’ll die at Armageddon. Which should be here any day now).

    Great capsulize of the whole article!!!!!

  • Goldminer

    I wonder if this article is all part of getting the r&f's minds in tune for a major doctrinal change in the near future as some here have speculated.Over a period of months they seem to have covered every angle about complaining,attitudes,the FDS's authority,etc.Guess we'll soon find out.


  • heathen

    Yah Goldminer . There must be alot of complaining from the R&F over how things are being done . Rightly so , they are treated like cattle to be exsploited . Their time is worth nothing but to boast about to others , they are the back bone of the whole religion , The WTBTS even shut the door on them for the "anointing" . I never see them write things as say, the apostle Paul did, with his kind approach when he addressed the congregations , you know--- May the undeserved kindness of our God and christ be with you , yadda yadda There's never a thank you for any work done , just demands for more and complaints about attitude like everybody should take time to bow toward new york like moslems do to mecca . I know I wouldn't show up for a meeting like that , you would just be beating yourself up , God knows they don't tolerate critique of the WTBTS.......................

  • RachelHall

    They are comparing themsleves with famous men of the Bible of which they do not come near....To me that is blasphemy on their part because they fall into the realm of False Prophets.

  • heathen

    yah it's kinda funny on how when things aren't going the way headquarters would like they demonize the great crowd and save all the faithfull true people in the bible for their own comparison . Well those people weren't wrong about stuff ever , the WTBTS has a hundred years of being wrong , you mean to tell me it's not normal for people to eventually wonder about credibility ? When jesus said I don't speak of my own initiative, he was right 100% of the time when the WTBTS says it , they are wrong 100% of the time .

  • Quandry

    This question is for Joe Grundy-you write that you have never been a Witness. I am wondering-what led you to this site and joining in this forum? How did you become familiar with all the controversy surrounding Witnesses? It was gut-wrenchingly upsetting for me to find out some of the things I now know.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    This is one heck of an article. No bigger proof that the WTS is in troubble than them warning the membership there is an underground movement of people who don't like how things are being done.
    The handwriting is on the wall isn't is?

  • mouthy

    Mouthy creeps in this post). & says so sorry!!!! I have just been reproved by Elder Mary...Seems I didnt read this important post way back when she wrote it. I thought I was giving the news afressh when I repeated it yesterday...DAH!!!!!

    I will beat myself with a wet Noodle. or maybe sau a few Hail Mary,s .

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy


    My recent research (and rekindling of interest in JWs) was prompted when I moved to a new area and became friendly with a JW family. If you go to my 'post history' it's set out in the 'Advice' thread I started.

    Sadly, recently I have had little contact with the family. Partly that's through circumstances but I do wonder (from what I've learned here) if they've recognised that I am not going to convert to WTism and would only have been Bad Association. I smoke, visit bars and restaurants on a daily basis and fornicate a little from time to time.

    Oh, and in general terms I don't like bullies, and there seem to be some very good people here who have suffered at the hands of WTBTS.

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