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  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Well, here's a serious offer.

    I'm not, never have been, etc. a JW. Nothing to lose, no family to upset.

    If someone can give me a fairly recent example of a poor brother Unfortunate used in a story to which I could reasonably have access (e.g. in a Watchtower or Awake) - and preferably a fairly tragic thing like he lost his children, had his balls shot off by enemy soldiers but still went door-to-door - I would be happy as an innocent outsider to write to WTBTS. I could explain how touched I was by the story, and while not being a JW, wanted to offer practical/financial support to the individual, and ask WTBTS to put me in touch with him, perhaps via the congregation.

    If they replied, I would be happy to help some poor guy in the developing world.

    Either way, I'd be happy to post copies of the correspondence here.

    Is this worth a try?

  • Fleshybirdfodder

    Hey Joe,

    Great idea, but they'll just ask you to send the money to the headquarters where they will be happy to foreward it for you. Besides, what this brother needs is his "spiritual food at the proper time" so the money would best be spent on ink cartridges. He'll grow new balls in the new system... nice ones... not lopsided.


  • parakeet

    ***...like he lost his children, had his balls shot off by enemy soldiers but still went door-to-door***
    Joe, don't be surprised to see your stories show up in a future WT. If most of them are fiction anyway, the WT writers are probably scraping the bottom of the barrel for new ideas. You're giving them gems! If they do show up, be sure to sue for copyright infringement.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Sorry, I wasn't trying to minimise anybody's suffering.

    If there was a real case of disablement, I'd be happy to pay for a wheelchair or whatever.

    But if WTBTS is using these sort of stories fraudulently (and god knows, there are enough real stories of tragedy in the world already) then they need to be exposed.

    And I am no bible scholar or academic, but one of the few skills I have is exposing liars/bullies/extortioners.

  • jgnat

    I liked the one where a poor boy donated his chickens to the World Wide Work.

  • jgnat

    The infamous July 15 Watchtower, on their back cover, is a story of integrity, "From Today, I Believe That There Is A God". Alexandra and Victoria are Ukrainians living in the Czech Republic. They returned a case with a large amount of money to the proper owner, asking for no reward in return. "As a foreigner living in Czech Republic, Alexandra had a hard time making a living."

  • Mary

    What about that one of the sister who had the iron lung, lived in what looked like a mini submarine and she pioneered. The whole premise was to make each and every Dub feel super-guilty that they weren't pioneering even though we had both lungs, two feet and two legs........

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy
    " I liked the one where a poor boy donated his chickens to the World Wide Work."

    I must apologise. When I first read this, it came over as the 'World Wide Wok'.

    I had a brief vision of the world's biggest sweet 'n' sour chicken.

  • Gill

    Welcome Quandry!!!!

    JWs are beginning to look at info on the internet on JWs. They may look at one negative article and turn away, but they can't change the fact that they have then seen that negative article. They may not return straight away, but it is going round their minds.

    Eventually, they return and decide to check whether what they read is true or not, then they check and they check and they check.......then they see.....finally they leave.

    The information presented on the internet about JWs is verifiable all the WTBTS can do is keep screaming desperately don't look on the internet!!!

    The moment my mother warned me 'Don't look up JWs on the internet!!' I IMMEADIATELY did look it up. I was free in no time.

    The murmurings must be getting louder if they can hear them in Brooklyn.

    Could they be beginning to panic?!

  • heathen

    If they want to lead by example then I think the WTBTS needs to stop complaining about every little petty detail and start saying they are sorry for printing lies and mis leading information . That new generation "understanding" sounds even more stupid than the original . It's now an invisible generation , can't quite put the finger on it because they won't admit they don't know what they are talking about and are printing opinions as fact once agian which is called dogma. Here lately it's been one beating after another from headquarters , somebody needs to take the wheel away from the evil slave and find a consistant course because articles like this are very damaging to the image of the organization as a whole . When the money problems start up they go right to making demands and insulting the congregations for not doing enough .

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