Higher Education: Is The Issue Really That Important?

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  • NewYork44M

    Learning how to learn and understand is the greatest skill you can get from a higher education. Once you understand the process of learning it becomes very clear when you are being fed half truths and outright lies.

    This is what the society is worried about.

  • juni

    For the WT Society it is because people who further their education start analyzing things, use their minds, etc. You know all of that bad stuff!

    They want UNITY and the only way they can maintain that is by being the source of all "light", threatening DF if you don't agree w/present "light" even if it is wrong. You play follow the leader and keep your eyes on the prize or else you're dead meat.


  • Bull Yaa
    Bull Yaa

    I am new here, and I am disfelloshipped, or rather disassociated at an elders request, I have no friends, not even one. A lady left a tract about the assembly ( Deliverance at Hand) in my door because she didn't know I lived here. I thought I might try to go, I am very confused about what to do.. The assembly is in Bossier City. Is anybody going?


  • parakeet

    Yes, it's vitally important. Higher education, especially the science disciplines, teaches analytical thinking skills. Students are taught to approach problems without bias and apply critical problem-solving skills in order to find logical solutions.
    Once one learns how to do this and applies this method to the JWs, the artificial ediface of doctrine the WTS has created will instantly reveal itself as the ludicrous manmade pile of crap it really is. The org knows it cannot survive such scrutiny; that's why they forbid higher ed. They can survive only if their followers are kept ignorant of such knowledge.

  • juni

    Hi bull yaa (Jean) -

    You have a private message.

    Juni :)

  • Warlock

    But I'm sure some Catholics and Protestants have applied those same skills learned thru higher education to their religions and you can't tell me they all left and went somewhere else.

    One of my cousins has a Masters in Psychology. Another has a Masters in Education along with his wife and they have not left Catholicism.

    In fact, they have grow closer to their religion, and you can't tell me Catholicism can stand up to unbiased critical thinking.

    So, then, I think if a majority of J.W.'s learned those same critical thinking skills, some, but not all, would still stay in the religion and the WTS is really worrying about nothing.

    Warlock (the under-educated one)

  • itsallgoodnow
    One thing that have been thinking about recently regarding the WTS's position on "higher education" is that it helps them weed out the people with a Rebellious Spirit™, and reward people who obediently follow the WTS's directives by doling out Privileges™ to them, while withholding Privileges™ from others who disregard the Suggestions™ from the Organization™. It is about CONTROL, more than anything, and finding out who is willing to subjugate themselves to the Organization™'s directives and who is not.

    that could be, but in my area I can name at least 5 young elders under 30 years old who have an education and only 1 young elder under 30 without an education. very limited sample, I realize, but it doesn't seem to hold the brothers back. I'm not so sure about the sisters, though.

  • Warlock

    So they got their education and they didn't leave the Org?


  • barry

    In SDA church higher education is promoted to the extent that in the US a college education amoungst SDAs is twice the national average.

    I would have to dissagree with most of you about how the WT society fears higher education. They should rightly fear there members being educated although with larger incomes they would certainly get more donations.

    The SDAs have had all sorts of problems with the creation -evolution debate and there young earth theorys with scientists going against there teaching even at there own institutions and has resulted in church meetings at general conference level over the last three years. Needless to say I dont beleive anything will come of such meetings .

    One Scientist made a statement during these meetings that while the universe started about 15 billion years ago God has only been a theologin for 6 thousand years. he got the biggest laught that particular day .

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    There are several deep theological subjects to study, hermeneutics, surveys, Biblical archeology, Koine Greek, hellenistic(ancient) Greek, Hebrew, apologetics, redemptive history and Biblical interpretation, the list goes on and on.

    For many of us our relationships with God grow stronger the more we learn.

    The WT has so much to hide, mainstream authentic Christianity does not.

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