I've been invited to the most boring Bday party ever (Fluff)

by Es 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • luna2

    You ever been to a co-ed sex toy party, OT? LOL Just wondering how that went.

  • Beachbender

    Es you are "preggers" so I`m sure you could really think of a thousand excuses to not go, but the facials and the nails getting done aren`t so bad! but question is is whether the *girlie* movies are gonna have someone getting naked!! Preferably the men! Who knows you might BE the life of the party too!

  • Leolaia

    I once missed my flight and had an extra day to spend in Amsterdam, so I went to a friend's house to his birthday party. Big mistake. Everyone spoke nuthin but Dutch! I ended up in the guy's study reading his books all night.

  • juni

    I think what ES means by "girly movies" are what we call in the US "chick flicks". They are movies that women like - tear jerkers and a lot of realtionship issues. Am I right ES?

    Like others have said - you could make an excuse, but it might be nice just to get out of the house and have a sitter for your little guy. Give you some time to be around adults and not doing the Barney thing or whatever your childrens' programming is on TV.


    Juni :)

  • spoils_useful_habits

    Ahhh, come on, any party has to be better than those fun! fun! "get-togethers" the witnesses used to have with their crazy made up games that conformed to their beliefs, remember? Just think of it this way, those 4 hours is a small price to pay for the "years" you'll never get back wasted away in the "religion".

  • FreeFromWTBS

    take it as a chance to learn to knit or crochet. I started to crochet after my little Watchtower breakdown. My therapist said I needed to pick up an activity that was therapeutic. Now I really enjoy it. I only do a little each normal week but when something tragic happens and leaves you sitting in hospital waiting rooms all day it is a lifesavor. While everyone else is pacing and not knowing what to do with themselves, you can stay relatively calm.

  • Scully


    Maybe you can find a way to enjoy being pampered a little bit before the baby comes.... I would have done anything to have a manicure and a facial (someone else providing the services) when I was expecting! Maybe you can tell them that you're having a hard time reaching your toes and maybe get a pedicure out of the deal as well!

  • Es

    Thanks all

    Luna2- I feel bad if i dont go, they came to our party, and the wife has been chatting to me and is very excited about it....you really have to meet this people to understand, i think she led a very sheltered life and so she gets really excited bout the smallest thing..in some way its cute

    kw13- wish i could

    OT- Its hard to imgaine this couple even have sex heheheh

    beachbinder-I reckon i am the life of the party i know everyone who has going to the party and they are all stuffy heheh the woman just sit there and the guys talk bout computers

    juni- yes your right chick flicks i think the list had steel magnolias on it etc

    spoil useful habbits-true

    freefrom- yeah i hear you, i already know how to knit i guess i just feel like its not something i would want to do at a party

    scully- i was thinking that myself i will just say i cant bend over to paint my nails and so they can, hehe i need my nails painted too


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