I've been invited to the most boring Bday party ever (Fluff)

by Es 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • Es

    One of my hubby's work mates are having a combined party for there bday (hubby and wife), they are nerdy programmers heheh, nice enuf people but not ones that i would chose to associate with.

    Anyway this is the party for the guys they are to bring there computers for a lan, or boardgames and card games, and for us lucky women activites include watching girly movies, knitting, facials and painting nails. No jokes thats how the invite reads.....

    I am so not looking forward to it at all, its like 4 hours of my life im never going to get back


  • Sparkplug

    Take lots of relaxation techniques. I was going to say wine, but baby gal is boinqed up! Just messing Es.. I have missed chatting with you gal. I saw also your sons photo. He is so cute!

  • Stephanus

    Wear your uggh boots - great conversation starters...

  • Es

    Heya hun, ive missed you sooo much, i know i cant even drink to while away the hours....what makes it worse is they dont drink either.

    Heheh thanks Stephanus


  • Dismembered

    Greetings es

    Hey, young lady...It's time for you to "count your blessins". At least your getting to go to a birdday party. You little pagan.


  • penny2

    Hi Es

    I suspect that BD parties aren't all they're cracked up to be!! Although I haven't actually been to a genuine birthday party yet. Facials and painting nails - can't think of anything worse.

    You might need all the zoning out skills you learned at district conventions.


  • Es

    LOL @ dismembered.

    Nah Penny i think its just these people i have been to much better bday parties


  • luna2

    If it's really bumming you out and you'd rather stay home and read a book, you know what to do. All xJWs know how to develop an illness or a headache or a cramp thereby rendering them unable leave the house...and, being pregnant expands the realm of possible excuses.

    If you do go, hope it isn't as dull as you're expecting.

  • KW13

    Go pis*ed.

  • ObservingTexan

    Make it a SEX TOY PARTY! The men will forget all about their laptops.

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