How do you break them from the mind F**king

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  • oldflame

    I have a tenant, who is a single mother of two in her mid 20's. I found out the other day that she and her children are studying with the witnesses. I felt compelled to tell her that I too was an unbaptised publisher but had researched the religion just weeks before baptism. She simply stated to me that she was using both bibles and she walked off.

    Well that was just not good enough for me ! What me ? Stop telling her about the lies and false prophecies ? No not this guy. I went to my local Christian book store and bought 2 books. One being 20 most asked questions about Jehovahs Witnesses and the other called Answering Jehovahs Witnesses. Both are very good books and lays it out so simply. I figured the young lady was going to college and was a bright person and would at least hear what I had to say or at least read the books ? Nope she told me exactly what I had heard all those times when I was knocking on doors. "Not Interested"

    I do not feel bad that I wasted $20.00 bucks on books because I know someone someday will need these books but you could sure tell that either this lady was either already brain F**ked by the witnesses or she knew my mother who is about one of the most evil people I know. My mother will say and do anything to hurt me or my efforts of getting people out of that organisation as she knows very well that I am a member of this site and have been since 2001.

    My question is this : How does a person break anothers mind free from being controlled ? I call it brain F**king. I need help with this one because I would hate to see her suffer in the future as we all did. Got any ideas ?

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    You can't do any more than you've already done. People believe what they want to believe and when they've had enough they will find the way out on their own. The info is available for any who want to look it up. She must be getting some sort of payoff from studying and associating with the witnesses that is keeping her hooked.

    I think it was very caring of you to even go to the trouble of buying the books for her and bringing them to her. She obviously is not interested in hearing the other side. Perhaps she has been warned about you. Let it be or you will just come off like a rabid apostate! Save your books for the next opportunity. Who knows, it may be her coming back in a few years asking you if you still have them?


  • Dismembered

    Greetings oldflame,

    :I have a tenant, who is a single mother of two in her mid 20's...

    Therein lies some of the reasons IMO. She's "happified" with the dub visits, and her study. Is she on welfare too? What else is there to do?


  • fullofdoubtnow

    It was kind of you to try and help her, but it looks like she is already well on the way to being totally indoctrinated. I would leave her to it for now and hope she sees the wts for what it really is before it's too late.

  • blondie

    Well, I find that it is good not to tell them how to think, no matter how well meant or indirect. It is best to ask them what they already think and what appeals to them about what they are learning. Just listen, don't try and correct them. Find something to agree with. Then based on what they say, ask them something just to make them reflect later. Don't inundate them with many ideas and publications. Do a little bit at a time (Sounds a little like a service meeting, eh?)


  • greendawn

    In case they think that they will find group support as members of the JWs let them know that the dubs have a very bad record when it comes to helping their members that are in need of anything. They certainly don't have a fraternal spirit.

  • oldflame
    Is she on welfare too?

    Yes she is.

    Well I sure do thank you all for your post. I just hate it when I see someone newly involved in this cult. I had my heart set on getting her out of this crap and I thought for sure she would at least read what was said about them. It shocked me when she turned the books down because I figured she was not to deep into it. I guess I was wrong. You know it was like a slap in the face when she turned the books down and when she did I seen what I had seen in long time members.

    Oh well I guess we can't save them all. It's just to bad they got into her brain so fast....

  • gumby

    OldFlame....I posted about this yesterday on Danny's thread. He posted some good info on how to deal with those who have been brain.....a.....a.....fu.......a...erm ...a, brainwashed

    Perhaps you did all you could do. I don't know if a different approach would have worked or not.


  • jwfacts

    I agree with Blondies comment, ask her why she likes it and what she believes and just listen. That way you will understand her better, and so be able to work out the most effective approach. She will invariably say crazy things that paint herself into a corner, so just ask more questions.

  • misanthropic

    I don't think it's possible to make anyone listen to anything they don't want to hear. But I was working with a really nice girl who came to work one day with a black eye from her husband. I found out she was studying with a witness girl who worked there also. I had her come in the room I was working in, closed the door and told her my experiences and how I felt about it. She stopped studying shortly after that and I was pretty glad. I don't know if what I said had anythign to do with her decision but I was glad to have at least been able to share my concern with her.

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