Who, of other religions, do the JW's think will and won't resurrect?

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  • JH

    What's the Watchtower's position on resurrection for people out of their religion?

    Where do they draw the line, and say who surely won't be resurrected?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    They used to tell us that people who died without ever having the opportunity to hear the "truth" would get a resurrection, whatever religion they had followed. Apart from that, people like Martin Luther, John Tyndale and other historical figures would have a chance.

  • unique1

    JW SPEAK FORGIVE ME: The wages sin pays is death. Therefore anyone of any religion that dies has paid their debt and they are covered by Christ's sacrifice. Therefore as the bible says they will be resurrected, those who did vile things to a resurrection of judgement. So those of other religions that died before Armageddon will be resurrected to a time in which Jesus will judge them before making his final decision as to life or death for those.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    The Witnesses are actually rather generous on that, because their basic idea is that almost EVERYONE will have a chance to become a Jehovah's Witness, since ONLY Jehovahs fiathful servants will survive the final test at the end of the millennium.

    If memory serves, they say that Adam and Eve will not get a resurrection, and the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah. It should be noted that the light on this subject has wavered between "yes" and "no" during Watchtower history. Russell originally thought that Adam would be resurrected, but when Rutherford appeared in the starring role as "Jehovah" the doctrine changed.

  • daystar

    I recall that I was under the impression that people who'd never heard "the truth", regardless of religion, would be resurrected. So, I suppose primitive cannibals, etc. had it pretty good.

    If they had heard, or knew, "the truth", but denied it, they would not be.

    Stupid reasoning.

  • Kero-kero

    Adam and Eve will not be resurrected because they were made perfect and with out sin. Those that Jehovah has already judged..such has the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and those killed during the flood will not be resurrected...that is my understanding of it anyway. Everyone else, regardless of religion or the things they did or have done in their lives will / might be resurrected...it is even possible that people like Hitler will be resurrected!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Inquisitor


    I don't know if most JWs would expect Hitler to get a chance. I mean he did try to wipe out the Witnesses, so I was led to believe. Does anyone know better? Hitler's anti-JW stance wasn't made up by wannabe martyrs was it?


  • Inquisitor


  • heathen

    besides adam and eve and the people of sodom , I think the j-dubs state that those that perish during the conclusion while God wars with his enemies are thrown directly into gehenna . I think that one was in the Revelation book . The beast and the false prophet are thrown into the lake of fire .

  • M.J.
    They used to tell us that people who died without ever having the opportunity to hear the "truth" would get a resurrection

    This, I believe is simply something perpetuated by word of mouth. I don't think the WTS officially would back this claim...cause the implication would be that it's better for people to die without ever hearing the "truth" so why bother? I heard once from a pretty smart poster that if that were the case it would be more effective for a JW to shoot a householder at the door than to preach to them.

    Think of the following doorstep conversation.

    Hello, sir. I'm here to bring you a pitch on my organization. However, I'd like to inform you of the options that you now face before I begin:

    1. I can give you my sales pitch right now, but if I do, you're automatically under contract to follow through and join my organization or your life will be permanently terminated during a soon-coming event known as 'Armageddon'. I must emphasize, however, that membership in my organization will not guarantee your life will not be terminated. You must not violate any terms and conditions of membership and provide "sufficient service". "Service" will be defined by the organization. "Sufficient" will not be specifically defined, but during Armageddon if you are not killed then it will finally become clear that "sufficiency" was accomplished.
    2. If you listen to my pitch without following through, but you happen to die before this event known as Armageddon, your life will be restored. However, suicide would probably negate this condition. So after my pitch, if you are unwilling to comply I can do you the favor of killing you immediately, to assure the restoration of your life, with the future opportunity to extend it to an infinite lifespan.
    3. I can turn away right now without giving you my pitch, and you will be under no obligation, aside from acting in opposition to my organization. If you die before Armageddon, your life will be restored. If you are alive during Armageddon, you won't be killed and will have full opportunity to have an eternal life.

    Which do you choose?

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