Who, of other religions, do the JW's think will and won't resurrect?

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  • M.J.

    Oops, I missed the key word "opportunity"...so I suppose number 3 would have to be taken away as an option. "because I chose to call on your house, you're screwed already, so you might as well choose number 2 because it carries the best odds for an extension of your life."

  • Honesty

    Will I be resurrected?

    Will my brother be resurrected?

  • sinis

    Adam and Eve will not be resurrected because they were made perfect and with out sin. Those that Jehovah has already judged..such has the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and those killed during the flood will not be resurrected...that is my understanding of it anyway. Everyone else, regardless of religion or the things they did or have done in their lives will / might be resurrected...it is even possible that people like Hitler will be resurrected!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd like to know when almighty god let you in on that little secret. Or, are you god? I sick sick of the BS that the WTS and others spew in condeming people, or determining there fate.

  • heathen

    [email protected]. ------ I think it'd be more interesting if they begged house holders to kill them instead of serving a luney organization . Please kill me so I can be resurrected later ...................

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