What are apostate lies?

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  • lisavegas420

    I remember being surprised when I found "Jehovah's Witnesses" in a book about cults. I asked shouldn't we read this so we can be prepared if someone brings this up in the field ministry. I was told that it could bring on demons or some such nonsense.

    The first real apostate lie I remember is when I was told that in the 80's that apostates had taken over bethel and some of books and articles were written by apostates. Much later I realized they were talking about Ray Franz.


  • cyrus

    Hi all how about any active ones out there .I dare u to to put your hand up and ask what lies??? ha ha that would be fun.Just to see the look on watchtower conductors face.

  • slimboyfat
    are you saying the Witnesses were the only group to stand up to Hitler?

    Don't take my word for it. How about Richard Evans, one of the most respected authorities on Nazi period. In his new book, The Third Reich in Power he states:

    The Jehovah's Witnesses were, however, alone amongst religious groups in their uncompromising hostility to the Nazi state. For all the courage of many leading figures in the mainstream Churches, and many ordinary members of their congregations, none of them opposed the the Third Reich on more than a narrowly religious front. (page 258)

    Apostates need to stop their lies. Slim

  • blondie

    The WTS keeps it ambiguous on purpose. They don't want the rank and file searching the internet for info on these "apostate lies." They might believe them.


  • RachelHall

    And now this is from pages 130-8 of the Jehovah's Witnesses 1934 Yearbook, published by the Watchtower in New York, in the section dealing with Germany:Quote: In June, the president of the Society visited Germany to take some action to get the Society's property restored to our possession ... on the 25th day of June, 1933, more than 7,000 of Jehovah's witnesses assembled at Berlin and unanimously adopted the resolution, millions of which were printed and distributed throughout Germany. That resolution is as follows, to wit: 'Declaration of Facts'.. The greatest and the most oppressive empire on earth is the Anglo-American empire. By that is meant the British Empire, of which the United States of America forms a part. It has been the commercial Jews of the British-American empire that have built up and carried on Big Business as a means of exploiting and oppressing the peoples of many nations. This fact particularly applies to the cities of London and New York, the stronghold of Big Business. This fact is so manifest in America that there is a proverb concerning the city of New York which says: 'The Jews own it, the Irish Catholics rule it, and the Americans pay the bills.' ... we are compelled to call attention to the truth concerning the same ... the British Empire and in America the common people have suffered and are now suffering greatly because of the misrule of Big Businesses and conscienceless politicians, which misrule has been and is supported by political religionists ... the present government of Germany has declared emphatically against Big Business oppressors and in opposition to the wrongful religious influence in the political affairs of the nations. Such is exactly our position ... Instead of being against the principles advocated by the government of Germany, we stand squarely for such principles, and point out that Jehovah God through Christ Jesus will bring about the full realization of these principles ... there are no opposing views .. but that, to the contrary, respecting the purely religious and apolitical goals ... these are in complete harmony with [those of] the National Government of the German Reich.. A careful examination of our books and literature will disclose the fact that the very high ideals held and promulgated by the present national government are set forth in and endorsed and strongly emphasized in our publications and show that Jehovah God will see to it that these high ideals in due time will be attained ... Let us remind the government and the people of Germany, that it was the League of Nations compact that laid upon the shoulders of the German people the great unjust and unbearable burdens. That the League of Nations compact was not brought forth by the friends of Germany. __________________
    "Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God"

    - 2nd Letter to Corinthians, 10:5

  • daystar

    I didn't ever know specifics, and I didn't wonder. I didn't want to be magically corrupted by "apostate lies". I mean, apostates had demonic powers, right? They could influence my mind in ways I thought I wasn't prepared to deal with. We were humble sheep, and so we were so easily influenced, right?

    Now I know "apostate lies" to very often (though not always) be truths about the WBTS that could lead JWs to question their authority and truthfulness.

  • greendawn

    Apostate lies are any statements made by JWs or ex JWs that are contrary to the dogmas and policies of the WTS leaders regardless of whether they are valid facts or not.

    Anyone opposed to the GB is an apostate even if later the GB later accepts those positions as correct, the point is that they dared criticise the GB that's the unforgivable sin. The GB were appointed by God and only God has the right to correct their errors whenever He decides to do so.

  • vitty

    The next time one of my family members talk about apostates im going to ask them,"what is an apostate lie"...............and then see what they say.

  • LittleToe
    The Jehovah's Witnesses were, however, alone amongst religious groups in their uncompromising hostility to the Nazi state.

    That sounds like an interesting way to maintain neutrality in the world...

    The Quakers are pacifist - I guess they don't count, since they aren't "hostile".

    sbf:Are you totally ignorant to the way that folks jump in when something spurious is launched at the WTS? Take the Freemason thang, for example...

  • slimboyfat

    Little Toe,

    I know how some try to make weird connection between Freemasonry and JWism. It is one step from that to David Ike and his reptilian alien infiltrators.

    Those words about JWs in Nazi Germany are Richard Evans' - not mine.

    How many Quakers were there in Nazi Germany anyway? I have never heard about them in the concentration camps.

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