The ridiculers were "right ".............all along

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  • yucca

    My heart goes out to you. Please dont beat yourself up. We were deceived its their sin. Just show them up by being happy and loving your freedom. I am so happy you found the real truth. God bless audrey

  • DannyHaszard

    To quote the Japanese emperor upon surrender to the allies,"we must now endure the unendurable"Yes,the anguish and the agony,the sudden impact horror of having to renounce the life-long convictions of our hearts,it is devastating. Remember there is (a good) life after the Watchtower Serenity melody; ''..if this was the last of all days''... Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  • Swan

    It's a little embarrassing to realize that the ridiculers were right that you were being ridiculous (deserving ridicule -- Websters)!

    Fortunately not many make an issue of it. They are usually just glad you have finally come to your senses. Sometimes they are even proud of you for seeing through it.


  • mariposa

    I never said anything to my friends or family. I just started calling them more, going to holiday celebrations and buying gifts again for everybody. Last Xmas, I was broke! I felt like I had to buy extra stuff for my close family to make up for the years I didn't even call. But everyone's great. They don't mention it, I think they're just happy to have me back in their lives

  • AlmostAtheist
    How do you say, "yep you were right and I was terribly wrong after all "

    I'd go with "yep you were right and I was terribly wrong after all". In fact, that's pretty much just what I said. Not a single person said, "I told you so", they were just glad I escaped!


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