The December 31, 1924 Golden Age magazine

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  • cabasilas

    Recently, I obtained some pdf copies of old Golden Age magazines. I haven't had much time to read these but I just came across the December 31, 1924 issue. I had heard the Golden Age was a bit odd...this confirms it. I thought the others here might enjoy reading it. I've put it up online at:

    If you want to save it for your files just click on the save file button on the top bar.

    It has stuff on the pyramids and they were still pushing 1925. It also contains an updated version of "A Bible for the Scientist."

    One quote that really surpised me was this on page 195: "The special doctrines of the Christian Church, as presented by Jesus, its founder, have no application to the human race as such, but only to a special few who are called out to form a new administrative order, a new creation, entirely distinct from the human creation."

    I know that's been the teaching but it seemed so strange to read so bald a statement as that.

    I'm sure there are other gems in the article but what I've read so far has made this issue one of the most interesting I've ever read.

  • blondie

    What's that butt shot on the cover?

    Is running around naked in the air one of the Woodsworth regimens?


  • Leolaia

    Yeah, that butt shot is also on the cover of Millions Now Living Will Never Die (remember, "The Watchtower is for Porn" ).

    I guess they thought we'd be nekkid again like Adam and Eve in the Golden Age/New World?

  • cabasilas

    My guess it's supposed to be Adam.

    But, get past the cover. The real zany stuff is inside!

  • jwfacts
    "The special doctrines of the Christian Church, as presented by Jesus, its founder, have no application to the human race as such, but only to a special few

    At least that doctrine hasn't changed.

    w00 8/15 p.19 “Paul’s admonition was directed chiefly to those who have “the way of entry into the holy place”

  • PrimateDave

    This should be required reading for all current Bible studies! ;) The writers obviously had no concept whatsoever of the scientific method. This kind of 'science' is on a par with astrology as opposed to astronomy. Thanks for posting this!!! It's a definite keeper!

  • bob1999

    When was the traching that Cheops holds the key to the future abandoned by the WTS.
    Oh, some great stuff about the polar ice caps on Mars and Radium extending life.

  • Ténébreux

    Thanks so much for making this available. I've just read through the whole thing, and I really am amazed at how different their beliefs were at that point. I keep hearing from JW family members that it has to be the Truth because "the basic teachings have stayed consistent and really haven't changed much since the beginning." I had always assumed that myself. But let's see now... in just ONE issue of Golden Age, what do we find?

    • All members of the Christian Church are to become spirit beings. Non-Christians will not lose their right to live forever on earth as promised, they just won't be given that extra privilege of going to heaven.
    • God knew beforehand what Lucifer, Adam & Eve would do, it was all part of His plan so mankind would learn what imperfection meant.
    • The Earth's original atmospheric conditions will soon be restored, allowing humans to advance toward physical perfection if they choose. The wicked and incorrigible will simply not advance and will die out gradually over the 1000 years.
    • God authored TWO Bibles. The Written Bible, and the Scientific Bible, a.k.a. the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, all the dimensions and measurements of which reveal God's plans with astonishing accuracy.
    • The invention of Radio was foretold in Bible prophecy and is symbolic of spiritual blessings - well done to the Bible Students therefore for faithfully spreading God's Word via this medium.

  • PrimateDave

    The pdf file is still downloadable, so I thought I might give this one a bump for our newbies and lurkers.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Morton Edgar was still teaching pyramid doctrine up till his death in about 1952. He was an active witness during all this time and I even saw a programme for a convention in Manchester where he was giving a talk. (1940's).

    Today he would be disfellowshipped for not toeing the party line.


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