I need advice re: monthly field service report

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  • Finally-Free

    Giving them a report of your activity is an acknowledgement of their authority in your life. So is speaking to elders and answering their questions when you would really rather not. As long as you give them any authority in your life they will play it for all it's worth. Many have spent years trying to fade, only to have elders start hounding them years later. Then they get shunned anyway by family and friends. Is it worth it to simply delay the inevitible? Or is it better to sieze your freedom and destroy their delusions of power in your life? Freedom has always come at a price - that's nothing new. I, personally, would not trade my freedom or self respect for the cheap sort of conditional love the Watchtower cultists offer.


  • enlightenedcynic

    I rarely go out in the ministry anymore, maybe 1-2 hours a month just to keep my wife off my back. When I turn in my report however, I claim between 8-10 hours. Enough to keep the elders off my back and not enough where they would want to use me for any extended duties. While it is true that turning in a report shows that we are still submitting to the elder's and the WTS's authority, until all of us who fake reports can figure out an effective "exit" plan, it is the only realistic alternative.


  • MinisterAmos
    I still make the majority of the meetings

    Dude I think you are missing the point of this "fading" business.

  • Balsam

    Just as they are under no obligation to tell you the full truth neither are you obligated to be entirely truthful. Turn in fake time slips of 10 hrs and stay off their radar.

  • Warlock


    I worked my way down from 12-15 hours a month to 1-2 hours a month and then just quit going out in service. My wife is inactive, like me , but she still believes in the Org., so we still go to maybe 1 meeting a month.

    Looks like you are kind of in a tough situation. If your elder body is the type that really don't care, that would make it a lot easier. If they are the type that really care, it will be more difficult to fade or leave.


  • stevenyc


    Just follow the societies example and make-up the hours each month.


  • under_believer

    Again, thanks all for the input.
    MinisterAmos: I think YOU are missing the point of this fading business. The idea is to not make waves, not suddenly make gigantic changes that will draw attention to myself. I would like nothing better than to just stop going to all the meetings. But I want to maintain my relationship with my extended family and especially with my wife, and at this time that means still going to most of the meetings.

  • blondie
    Turn in fake time slips of 10 hrs

    Stay under the national average or they will make you an MS. Nothing over 5.


  • uninformed

    under believer,

    thanks for the reply to my post.

    I understand your situation and wish you the very best.

    I'm angry too.


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